Destiny 2 Io Lost Sector Locations

Io is the last planet you’ll unlock in Destiny 2. There are only three Lost Sectors on it – they’re like small instances where you fight a bunch of enemies to get to a chest. You need to defeat an elite enemy to get the key for the chest, as well. You’ll find Io Tokens in them, which are a type of reputation item. They’re marked on the map, but you can still struggle to find their entrances. That’s why we’ve decided to write a guide with all Destiny 2 Io Lost Sector locations, complete with a map and screenshots.

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ddestiny 2 io lost sector locations
Destiny 2 Io Lost Sector Locations

Where to find Lost Sectors on Io?

Here are the locations of all Lost Sectors on the yellow planet:

  1. Aphix Conduit – In the southeastern corner of the Rupture. You can’t miss the entrance – it’s under a giant tree stump. Go around the large door, and you’ll run into Ruined Mind, a mini-boss with the cache code. The chest is on the plateaut past him.
  2. Sanctum of Bones – This one is in The Rupture, near the landing point. The mark is on a square rock by the road, and the cave entrance is behind it. When you’re inside, head to the top floor. You’ll have to fight a bunch of Taken and do some light platforming, and you’ll end up in a dark cave with a pool. This is where you’ll fight Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing, and find the chest too.
  3. Grove of Ulan-Tan – Travel to the Lost Oasis, then follow the western cliff until you see a cave entrance. The tunnels are winding, but there’s no room for mistake here – just follow that one path until you run into Queldron, Keeper – he’s the one with the key. Once you’ve got the code, you’ll spot the cache on the other side of the pond.

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