Destiny 2 Kurg The All Seeing Force The Pit Wanted Bounty Location

Wanted: Kurg the All-Seeing Force is a bounty in Destiny 2 Forsaken. You can pick up this bounty from Spider on Tangled Shore. To start the Kurg the All-Seeing Force bounty, you first have to buy it from Spider for Ghost Fragments. After that, the bounty is good for one week. Kurg is an escapee from The Rift prison, and he’s cowering on the EDZ. IF you’re having problems finding him, here’s our Destiny 2 Kurg The All-Seeing Force Pit Location guide.

Destiny 2 Kurg The All Seeing Force The Pit Wanted Bounty Location
Destiny 2 Kurg The All Seeing Force The Pit Wanted Bounty Location

Wanted: Kurg The All-Seeing Force – The Pit Lost Sector on EDZ

The contract you’ve purchased from Spider on the Tangled Shore points pretty clearly to the location of Kurg. The Pit is a Lost Sector on EDZ, at the far west of the map. You can enter it from the Firebase Hades region in the European Dead Zone. There’s a small underpass that leads you right into the door of The Pit, underneath the entrance into the Firebase itself. The easiest way to reach it is to land at Winding Cove, and then head northwest from there, down the road. You’ll have to fight through a number of enemies before you run into Kurg, though, so be ready for a scuffle.

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Fortunately, Kurg the All-Seeing Force is not that far into the Lost Sector. In fact, you’ll find him in the first more open area, which is kinda like a loading bay of sorts. Kurg is hiding on the upper level of the area, which is like a catwalk going around the loading bay. As is the case with all the bounties, he’s going to have a yellow health bar, and you’ll see “Wanted” and his name above his head. He’s actually kinda difficult to miss. Once you find him, all that’s left is to retire the miserable, hiding sod and collect your bounty. However, there will be other Cabal enemies to contend with, so be careful. You don’t want to find yourself surrounded. Plus, Kurg is nothing to sneeze at; keep your wits about you.

All that’s left after you kill Kurg in The Pit is to head back to Spider, and maybe pick up another bounty. We have more guides for those, if you need help, including Queenbreaker, Dust-Choked Thrag, Metal Captain, and others.

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