Destiny 2 Loot Cave Chest Discovered - Legendary & Bright Engrams

Destiny 2 loot cave exploit has been discovered on Nessus, and farming it can give you Bright and Legendary Engrams, Nessus Tokens, Glimmer, blue items, and, of course, XP. The exploit is not as efficient as in Destiny 1, but it’s still pretty good. Activating the bug requires a bit of work and jumping through teleporters. Overall, though, it’s not too difficult to do, and you’ll be well-compensated for your efforts. Triggering the Destiny 2 loot cave in Nessus is an easy way to farm a lot of good stuff.

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Destiny 2 Loot Cave Chest Discovered - Legendary & Bright Engrams
Destiny 2 Loot Cave Chest Discovered – Legendary & Bright Engrams

Where is the Destiny 2 Loot Cave?

It’s on Nessus, in Exodus Black, not that far away from the Landing Zone. You’ll have to complete a series of steps to trigger the glitch, which will then spawn a new chest in the area. You’ll need a Sparrow to make it happen. Inside the chests, you can pick up Nessus Tokens, Glimmer, Legendary and Bright Engrams, and all this will help you get XP and Power Levels.

First thing’s first, though, you need to find the cave. Once you land, stick to the right. After a short while, you’ll come across a cave entrance on a lower level. The entrance is lit up, so it’s hard to miss. There’ll be a few stray Vex in there, but ignore them for now and head straight for the teleporter.

In the next area, jump onto the tiny rock ledge right in front of you, then spawn your Sparrow. Gun it through the rest of the cave, and when you come across an open area, called Chamber of Sky, go to the right side of a small lake. Dismount, jump up and keep heading to the right. Your goal is another, smaller teleporter at the far right corner of the room. This will take you back to the entrance into the open area.

After you teleport, you need to head right and straight until you come across the larger teleporter. Go through it, and you’ll be back in the starting area with the couple of Vex you ignored earlier. Feel free to kill them all now to make things easier on yourself. The chest will be somewhere in this room.

The chest can spawn in several different places. It can be in the left corner of the platform the teleporter is on (it was for us). If it isn’t there, look at the platform that’s to the right and slightly behind the teleporter. Not there, either? Then, it can be in a small opening across the room, to the right of the teleporter.

The other possible locations are next to a small rock in the middle of the room, or in another tight passage that’s in the far left corner, looking at the room with your back to the teleporter. There are two short paths inside, so search both.To trigger the glitch again, simply go back through the large teleporter and start over.

We’re pretty sure that Bungie will try and get rid of this exploit as soon as they get wind of it, so make good use of it while you can! Huge thanks to DPJ for discovering the exploit.

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