Destiny 2 Mars Quest - Helsom Memorial Quest - Signal Intercepted

Signal Intercepted is a memorial quest in Destiny 2. It takes place on Mars, and it’s a tribute to the late Matt Helsom, who worked on the Warmind expansion. It’s called Signal Intercepted, and to complete it, you’ll have to find a piece of Helsom’s journal in the thrall-infested corridors of Braytech. If you’re having trouble finding the journal, our Destiny 2 Mars quest guide will show you how to complete the Helsom memorial quest.

destiny 2 mars quest helsom memorial quest signal intercepted
Destiny 2 Mars Quest – Helsom Memorial Quest – Signal Intercepted

Signal Intercepted – Memories of Helsom

As soon as you fire up the game after the update, you’ll get a message saying Anna Bray had detected a signal from a Golden Age reserach station on Mars. You’ll be tasked with investigating the area and reporting back to her.

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Destiny 2 Memorial Quest – how to complete?

To complete the quest, you should spawn at Braytech Futurescapes and head into Anna’s foyer. Head left and follow the path to Aurora Reach. Once you’re outside, head into the next building. Follow the corridors until you’re in a lab with a bunch of old, covered computers. Look to the left and you should see a round openingin the wall, leading into a tubular passage. Follow it and turn right after you exit. You’ll find a device you can interact with on the terminal on the right.

Once you’ve investigated it, head back to Anna. Talk to her, and she’ll give you a moving speech about Helsom, one that is part lore part goodbye letter. You’ll also get an exotic cipher, which you can use to get some of the older exotics from the cryptarch, or to buy a second exotic engram from Xur. Keep in mind you can only carry one of them, so if you already have one (either on your person or in the vault), you won’t be able to complete the Helsom memorial quest.

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