Destiny 2 Mida Mini-Tool Disappears For Lots of People

Mida Mini-Tool is a legendary weapon in Destiny 2, and it’s a part of the Mida Multi-Tool exotic quest. Many players have reported experiencing a bug with the quest which makes the Mini-Tool disappear, making it impossible to complete the mission. If you’re a risk-taking sort, there are things you could try if you simply have to complete the quest now. Your safest bet would be to avoid it until the problem is solved.

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destiny 2 mida mini-tool disappears
Destiny 2 Mida Mini-Tool Disappearing For Lots of People

The quest chain begins by starting the Enhance quest in the European Dead Zone. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll have to speak to Devrim Kay for your reward. However, for some players, the Mida Mini-Tool disappears when they click on it. Those affected by the bug say the gun is nowhere to be found – and they’ve checked the vault, postmaster, gunsmith, Tess Everis, Kyra Tarn and every other vendor they could think of. The weapon seems to vanish into thin air.

Devrim is supposed to have a backup version for sale, in case you accidentaly dismantle yours, but in the cases where the mysterious bug strikes, he won’t. There was a theory it has to do with free slots in the invetory and not having space for the Mini-Tool, but the latest reports indicate keeping some free space won’t protect you from the bug. As far as we know, there is no way around this issue.

Since the Mida Multi-Tool was a popular exotic weapon in the first game, we suspect many players will try to get their hands on it as soon as possible. We can only advise you to be patient and hold off on starting the quest until there’s a fix for this. Bungie are most probably aware of the problem, and we hope they’re working on it.

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