Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle

Mida Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle in Destiny 2. It can be obtained through a quest chain after you’ve finished the campaign. You may remember this weapon from the previous game – it’s basically the same as before. There’s a bug that’s stopping a lot of people from getting it, but it’s easy to get around if you know about it in advance. If you want to safely get your hands on this gun, keep reading our Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool exotic scout rifle guide.

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destiny 2 mida multi-tool exotic scout rifle
Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle

How to get Mida Multi-Tool?

In order to get your hands on the Mida Multi-Tool, you’ll have to complete a relatively long quest chain. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Complete the campaign and get to level 20.
  2. Go to the EDZ and finish the Enhance! quest. You’ll get the Mida Mini-Tool legendary submachine gun. Before you turn the quest in to Devrim Kay, make sure you have several free slots in your inventory. Some people have been experiencing a bug that makes the Mida Mini-Tool disappear when your inventory is full. Exercise caution.
  3. Go to the Tower and talk to the gunsmith.
  4. Use a scout rifle to get 50 precision kills.
  5. Use a scout rifle to kill multiple enemies without reloading 25 times.
  6. Talk to the gunsmith again.
  7. Dismantle 5 rare or legendary scout rifles. It doesn’t matter whether they’re kinetic or energy.
  8. Speak with the gunsmith.
  9. Kill 50 enemies with a submachine gun while airborne.
  10. Talk to the gunsmith one last time to get your exotic.

The Mida Multi-Tool increases your movement speed and leaves the radar on while you’re aiming down sights. If you have the Mini-Tool equipped as well, you’ll get additional benefits, although the game doesn’t elaborate on that. Still, more benefits is more beneficial than less benefits. We’ll take that.

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