Destiny 2 Relic of the Golden Age Unlocks Sturm Exotic

Relics of the Golden Age is a quest chain in Destiny 2. It’s a long and winding road, but if you take it, you’ll end up with an amazing prize – the Sturm exotic hand cannon. It’s one of the first Destiny 2 exotics players have discovered, and it’s quite the catch.

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destiny 2 relics of the golden age sturm exotic
Destiny 2 Relic of the Golden Age Unlocks Sturm Exotic

Sturm Exotic Quest

The quest can only be started after you’ve completed the main story, and it’s cleverly disguised behind another quest. You’ll have to go to Nessus, start the mission in question, the follow the chain wherever it leads you. It’s quite a fun task, and you’ll get a nifty sidearm called Drang. On its own, it’s nothing spectacular (although it is a legendary, so there’s that), but it does wonders once you’ve finally paired it with Sturm. If you need help with the quest, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon quest guide.

Sturm has a really interesting perk: whenever you kill something with it, it’ll automatically reload your energy weapon. So if you have an energy weapon you like to use, when it’s out of ammo, simply switch to the Sturm, kill someone, then switch back. However, you’ll already have the Drang once you obtain Sturm, and we did mention they pair nicely. Drang also has a weird perk of its own: whenever you score a kill with it, it will reload Sturm. You see where this is going, right?

Presuming you’re precise enough, you could go on a killing spree with these two, without ever having to reload manually. When you run out of ammo with the Sturm, switch to the Drang and keep shooting. Once you’re out of ammo in the Drang, Sturm will be waiting in your holster with a full clip.

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