Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool, Rat King, Sturm Exotic Weapons

Mida Multi-Tool, Rat King, and Sturm are Exotic weapons in Destiny 2. What sets them apart from most other exotics is that you get them from side quests, not Engrams. As a result, all three weapons offer some pretty good perks, if you’re willing to go through the trouble. The quests themselves often include killing enemies in certain ways, but some steps can be pretty obtuse.

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Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool, Rat King, Sturm Exotic Weapons
Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool, Rat King, Sturm Exotic Weapons

Destiny 2 Exotics – Mida Multi-Tool, Rat King, Sturm

The Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle is a reward you get after a series of quests from The Gunsmith. You can access them only after you’ve completed the story campaign and get to level 20. The process will require you to complete a few quests, mostly involving killing enemies under certain limitations. Its perk is worth the hassle, though, because not only does it increase your movement speed, it also keeps the radar on even when you’re aiming down the sights. For more info, head over to our Destiny 2 Mida Multi-Tool Exotic Scout Rifle guide.

The Rat King Exotic Sidearm will probably become a huge hit for raids and strikes, because of the Rat Pack perk. The more people in a fireteam have it equipped, the more damage it does, and the effect stacks six times. What more do you want? Of course, getting the Rat King isn’t as simple as opening Engrams. Most of the stuff you’ll have to complete is on Titan, but it will take a considerable amount of work. To help you out, we’ve made a guide for the Destiny 2 Rat King Exotic Sidearm quest.

Sturm might be the trickiest of the bunch to get, not counting the Mida Multi-Tool glitch. That’s because, to even have a shot at Sturm, you need to get Drang, which is its own side quest. Only then can you begin the journey towards Sturm, because some of the quests on your way require you to use Drang. Once you get both, though, it gets fun. Basically, thanks to each other’s perks, Sturm and Drang replenish each other’s ammo. Every kill you score with one gives you more ammo for the other. Check out our Destiny 2 Sturm Exotic Hand Cannon Quest guide for detailed instructions.

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