Destiny 2 Savathun's Song Nightfall Strike Guide

Destiny 2’s nightfall strike for the week of October 3rd is Savathun’s Song. It’s about searching for a lost fireteam in the depths of a Hive lair on Titan. This week’s variant has two modifiers – Momentum and Timewarp Anomalies. The first one stops hampers your regeneration while you’re standing still, while the other spawns objects which can add precious seconds to your timer. We’ve made this Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song nightfall guide to help you get through the strike and get that luminous engram.

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destiny 2 savathun's song nightfall strike
Destiny 2 Savathun’s Song Nightfall Strike

Savathun’s Song Nightfall Strike Modifiers – October 3rd-10th

Timer-enhancing anomalies are making a return this week, which was pretty much expected. We’re glad to see Prism is still taking a break, too.
  • Momentum: Health and shield regeneration are disabled when standing still. Spring to regenerate more quickly. You’ll get the Inertia debuff when you stop moving. Just hopping left and right won’t help – you’ll need to actually move in order to get rid of it. If you throw sprinting into the mix, you’ll get t he Momentum buff, which increases regen speed.
  • Timewarp Anomalies: A bunch of anomalies will spawn across the map, and destroying each will extend the mission timer by 30 seconds.

How to complete Savathun’s Song nightfall

Once you’re down, jump on your sparrow and head inside. There’s a handful of anomalies in the area before the Arcology – make sure you destroy them. Once you’re in the foyer, kill the wizard, then use your ghost on the door – it will start hacking, and you’ll have to protect it from the onslaught of enemies. Stick to cover and let the thralls come to you. Once you’ve cleared them out, deal with the wizard. When the cursed thralls start appearing, you can run around the room to both heal and avoid them. When you clear them and the knight, the door will open.

You’ll end up face to face with an ogre. Make sure you take cover when he starts shooting the purple laser. After you’re done with him, sprint deeper into the facility. Ignore the enemies until you run into a wizard guarding a purple orb. One of you should grab the void light orb while the others clear the enemies. Don’t waste your time on the turret – just stay in cover until it stops shooting, then place the orb into the receptacle in front of it.

Your next encounter will be with a knight and several thralls. Defeat them, then destroy the six dark purle crystals. This will lead you into one of the biggest firefights of the strike. Several ogres and wizard, and a seemingly infinite amount of thralls await. Make use of the ample cover, and sprint between the pillars in order to regenerate faster. One player could try to rush the next set of purple crystals while the others deal with the enemies.

You’ll need to carry another void charge for a while in order to stop the summoning ritual. Always keep an eye on the log, so you don’t miss any anomalies, and try to keep your distance in the next section, since cover is scarce. You’ll need to rendezvous with Taeko after this – ignore the wizard and jump into the tunnel, clear the cursed thralls and you’ll end up in the boss room.

How to beat Savathun’s Song boss

The boss hits like a truckload of bricks, so cover is really important here. Make good use of the shield barriers you can place, and make sure you drop them right after the boss teleports. Place them near him and chuck grenades over the barrier. Always stay in cover while dealing with the adds, then focus on the boss. When he summons ogres, stay away from them until you’ve got the lesser enemies down. A titan with a bubble can be really useful in the later stages. The fight isn’t particularly difficult, but it takes time, which is all the more reason to stock up on it using anomalies.

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