Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Secrets - Purple Ball, Tire Game, Secret Emblem & Chest

Secrets are the favorite aspect of Destiny 2 to a lot of players, so much so that there are entire communities dedicated to unraveling them. Like all the other expansions before it, Shadowkeep has its fair share of secrets. The purple ball made a comeback, the closest thing we have to a social space on the Moon has its own little games, there are emblems and chests off the beaten path, secret rooms and way to leave the map. In this guide, we’re going to list all Destiny 2 Shadowkeep secrets.

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Purple Ball on the Moon

Our friend, Purple Ball, seems to be following us wherever we go. You’ll find it on the Moon, as well, but only if you know where to look. Go to Eris’ camp and you’ll notice a bunch of terminals around the place. Interact with the correct ones in the correct order, and you’ll spawn a bridge leading to a button. In order to press the button, you’ll have to pay 5000 glimmer. Once you do, the purple ball will spawn at the base of Eris’ hill.

The first terminal is in the building across the way from Eris’ hill, under the landing pad. Go around the back, enter and look to the left. The second one is next to the ramp leading back to the road. The third one’s on a ledge below the cliff where Eris is. The fourth and last one is directly opposite the second one.

Tire Game

There’s a silly game you can play at Eris’ Camp. If you stand on the edge of the landing pad and look down the road, you’ll see a terminal on the platform next to the tow truck. If you interact with it, it’ll eat up five Helium Filaments and spit out a big tire. You can push the tire down the pipes and try to make it roll into one of the six conveniently placed craters. The game will keep score and tell you how you did afterwards.

Jade Rabbits

There are little Jade Rabbit statues strewn across the Moon. If you feed them rice cakes, they’ll give you a handful of Phantasmal Fragments, disappear and reappear in a strange room in the base. It’s the one under the landing pad, with a big Jade Rabbit on one wall and pedestals on the others. Who knows what’ll happen when you collect them all?

Trove Guardian secret chest

There’s an enemy that spawns in the Anchor of Light, called the Trove Guardian. Killing him will reveal invisible platforms that lead to a secret chest, one which drops loot that’s always a few levels ahead of you. Farming him and the chest is probably the easiest way to get to light level 900.

Orbital Cartographer secret emblem

There’s a nice little emblem you can easily get, which looks kind of like the NASA logo, only with a big moon. All you need to do is find a Moon probe and investigate it, but it’s fairly hidden. You’ll find it in K1 Logistics, the lost sector at Archer’s Line. If you need detailed instructions, check out our Orbital Cartographer emblem location guide.

New secret room at the Tower

There’s a new room you can glitch into at the Tower. It’s a room like any other, but it contains a locked case with a Leviathan’s Breath, the exotic bow that isn’t in the game yet. If you want to take a look for yourself, you can follow the instructions in this video.

Out of Bounds glitch

There’s a glitch that allows you to leave the map using a small opening between two rocks in the Scarlet Keep. Depending who you ask, there’s either nothing of interest behind the curtains, or a whole new world of possibilities. If you’re interested in having a go yourself, here’s a guide that shows exactly where you need to go and what you need to do.

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