Destiny 2 Symmetry Perks - Exotic Scout Rifle

Symmertry is a new exotic weapon in Destiny 2. It’s a gift you’ll get at the start of the Season of Dawn, and it has a couple of interesting unique perks. If you’re wondering how this scout rifle works exactly, and you’re not in the position to check in game, our Destiny 2 Symmetry perks will explain everything.

destiny 2 symmetry perks exotic scout rifle
Destiny 2 Symmetry Perks – Exotic Scout Rifle

Which perks does Symmetry have?

Symmetry comes with a fixed perk roll, which means everyone will get the same ones. They are: Revolution (intrinsic), Dynamic Charge (trait), Hammer Forged Rifling, Particle Repeater and Composite Stock.

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Revolution allows you to hold the reload button to switch to something called Arc Seeker mode. This makes your bullets follow enemies you shoot at, greatly improving your accuracy. By itself, it may not be much, but coupled with Dynamic Charge it makes for a really interesting plaything. This trait makes precision hits build up dynamic charges. You can have up to 15 at any time. When you swap to Arc Seeker mode, you’ll get an increase to damage based on the number of charges. It’ll also partially reload your magazine.

The combination of intrinsic perk and trait could make this an extremely efficient weapon in the hands of a good shot. Landing precision shots will allow you to kill enemies faster, both on account of the precision shots, and the increased damage you deal through dynamic charges, and you’ll have to reload less often.

The other perks are less interesting, but they’re nice to have. Hammer Forged Rifling replaces your barrel with a model that increases range. Particle Repeater is a battery upgrade that reduces recoil. Composite Stock slightly increases both your stability and handling speed. As I’ve mentioned, they’re nothing revolutionary (har-har), but you can’t really argue with better range and handling. Especially if you’re as bad at this whole “aiming” thing as some of us are.

How to get Symmetry catalyst quest?

Once you’ve obtained the weapon, you’ll probably want to start working towards obtaining the catalyst. Your first step would be to start the catalyst quest. You can do this by talking to Banshee-44, the gunsmith at the Tower.

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