Destiny 2 A Matter of Time Walkthrough - Season of Dawn

A Matter of Time in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is the opening mission of the new season, and it involves finding Osiris and completing some tasks for him. It’s going to take you right back to Mercury, as well as other locations in the game. Now, you might encounter some problems with this, such as figuring out how to start the quest, and maybe some of the other steps. With that in mind, welcome to our Destiny 2 A Matter of Time Walkthrough – Season of Dawn guide, in which we’ll show you how to complete the Matter of Time quest, which is the opening mission of the new Season of Dawn.

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Destiny 2 A Matter of Time Walkthrough Season of Dawn
Destiny 2 A Matter of Time Walkthrough – Season of Dawn

How to Start Matter of Time Quest?

To start the A Matter of Time quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, you have to speak with Ikora Rey in the Bazaar area of The Tower. She will give you the Matter of Time mission, where you’ll have to investigate a disturbance on Mercury. The goal of the first step is to go and find Osiris on Mercury. The Cabal is cooking something over there, and that’s never good news. So, off to Mercury you go.

Osiris Located Quest Step in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

To complete the Osiris Located quest step in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, open up the map of Mercury. You’ll see a big ole icon there, with the words Disturbance on Mercury emblazoned in giant letters. So, that’s exactly where you’re supposed to go. Fight your way towards the quest marker; it’s impossible to miss the gigantic contraption that is The Sundial. When you come close to the small, triangular portal, Osiris will step out. Approach him to start the next step of the quest.

where to find osiris destiny 2 matter of time quest
Find Osiris on Mercury

Sundial Components Recovered – Destiny 2 Matter of Time Mission

To complete this step of the quest, you’ll have to kill Cabal in Tangled Shore and retrieve 50 Sundial Components. Just keep in mind that Cabal that you defeat with Solar weapons and abilities will drop extra materials. In other words, using Solar stuff will make the process go faster. As far as we can tell, the best place to look for Cabal in Tangled Shore is in Soriks’s Cut. If you need more detailed instructions, check out our Cabal Tangled Shore – Destiny 2 A Matter of Time – Sundial Components guide.

Matter of Time Destiny 2 Quest Light Charge Collected Step

This is the simplest of the steps, all things considered. You have to collect a certain number of Light Charges in order to charge the obelisk. All that you need to do is to defeat enemies with your abilities and your Super, and / or collecting Orbs of Light. You have completely free reign how you’re gonna grind out the amount of Light. Once you do, you’ll be a step closer to activating the obelisk.

Light Banked at Tangled Shore Obelisk – How to Complete Quest Step?

To complete the Light Banked at Tangled Shore Obelisk quest step in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, you have to go back to Thieves’ Landing. The obelisk is right there when you spawn there. Go down the stairs to the smaller bit of hardware that seems to house a giant hole of light. Interact with it to bank the Light. Then, go visit the Obelisk itself. Acquire the Major Fractaline Harvest, as well as the rewards for Sundial Link: Tangled Shore. Then, go back and visit Osiris again.

bank light at tangled shore obelisk destiny 2 matter of time quest step how to complete
Bank the Light at the Tangled Shore Obelisk

Sundial Run Completed – How to Finish Matter Of Time Quest in Destiny 2 Season of Dawn?

After you visit Osiris again after banking the Light in the Tangled Shore obelisk, your next step is to complete a run of the Sundial. There’s not much to say about this, honestly; you just have to play through the Sundial once. Once you do, go back to Osiris and complete the quest. From there, you have a number of other quests waiting, such as Keeping Time.

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