Destiny 2 Imported Guardian Character Customization & Veteran Emblems

Destiny 2 imported Guardian customization and Memorialization Emblems have been a hot topic amidst the fan base. Many have been wondering if they can customize their Guardians from Destiny 2. If they don’t, can they still get their Memorialization Emblems for their achievements in the first game? Well, Destiny 2 is finally out, and we have answers to those questions at last.

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Destiny 2 Imported Guardian Character Customization & Veteran Emblems
Destiny 2 Imported Guardian Character Customization & Veteran Emblems

Can I Edit My Imported Guardian Look in Destiny 2?

No, unfortunately. Selecting a Guardian you’ve imported from Destiny 1 will take you directly to the game, skipping the customization screen entirely. If, for any reason, you don’t like the look of your previous Guardians, you’re out of luck. The only way to change you’r appearance is to make a new character.

Unless your old Guardian holds a warm place in your heart, you’re probably better off starting over, anyway. You won’t lose anything by doing so.

Imported Destiny 1 Guardian Creation Dates

The game doesn’t seem to provide any information about when you’ve created your old Guardian. It only shows the most basic information, such as your race, gender, and class. Either way, deleting your character will erase the creation date. Luckily, that won’t matter much anyway, since your choice of importing a Guardian or starting from the beginning really doesn’t matter in the end.

Do Destiny 2 Veteran Rewards Carry Over With a New Character?

Yes, they do, luckily! No matter whether you start Destiny 2 as a new Guardian or opt to use your old one, you’ll still get your Memorialization Emblems. Bungie has made it so that the veteran rewards in Destiny 2 are tied to your account, not your character. The game knows whether or not you’ve earned the rewards, so, even if you delete your Destiny 1 Guardian(s), you won’t lose your Memorialization Emblem status symbols for being a die-hard Destiny player.

Destiny 2 is now out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. If you’re having trouble, or have any further questions, check out our list of Destiny 2 guides.

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