Destiny 2 Universal Hero Emblem Appearing Randomly in Collections

Universal Hero emblem is an new cosmetic item in Destiny 2. It started appearing randomly in people collections during the day, and most of them can’t equip it – it just sits there, tantalizingly out of reach. We investigated the issue, and now know who is supposed to have the Destiny 2 Universal Hero emblem, and who is seeing it by mistake.

destiny 2 universal hero emblem
Destiny 2 Universal Hero Emblem Appearing Randomly in Collections

Universal Hero Destiny 2 – Unlocked by a special offer

It turns out the Universal Hero emblem is supposed to be an exclusive reward for all those who took part in the PC beta of Destiny 2 way back when. It’s Bungie’s way of saying thanks to all those who helped them solve their teething problems on the new platform. However, many console players are reporting seeing it in their collections. We don’t know whether it’s supposed to show up for everyone, but those who didn’t partake in the beta aren’t supposed to have it in the inventory.

So you shouldn’t worry – it’s not part of the Veteran Rewards pack, which is also supposed to drop during December. Some PC players have also complained about it not showing up, even though it’s supposed to. If you’re experiencing this problem, give it a few days – if it doesn’t show up by then, contact Bungie’s support and explain the issue.

As for the emblem itself, it has a blue glowing background with the Destiny logo. It’s definitely not the nicest emblem we’ve seen, but it has a pretty cool vibe. If you’ve bought the season pass, you’ll probably keep your eyes peeled for a fancy Black Armory emblem instead, since the black and red color scheme is all the rage in the community these days. There’s probably going to be one when all four forges are live, if there isn’t already.

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