Destiny 2 Veteran Rewards Not Coming Next Week

Veteran rewards are a bundle of cosmetic items in Destiny 2. They’re going to be given out to players who’ve played the game before a certain date, and they’re not going to affect gameplay in any way. There are rumors that the Veterans of the Hunt bundle will be handed out next week, however, they’re baseless gossip – Bungie have given a rough estimate themselves, and it’s nowhere near next week. So yeah, sorry to burst your bubble, but the Destiny 2 Veteran Rewards are not coming next week.

destiny 2 veteran rewards october
Destiny 2 Veteran Rewards Not Coming Next Week

Veterans of the Hunt rewards

Less savoury sites have been helping the rumor spread like wildfire, however, there’s no basis for it. It’s just a lack of basic reading comprehension that lead them to believe that. If you check out Bungie’s blog – specifically, the last This Week At Bungie update – you’ll clearly see that the bundle is going to be delivered to all eligible players in early December.

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The only place where October is even mentioned in the blog post is the eligibility; only players who’ve played the Forsaken DLC before today (October 16th) will receive the veteran rewards bundle once it goes live. Which is supposed to happen some time in December. Not now. Not next week. December.

As for the contents of the bundle, you’ll find a unique emblem, a shader, two exotic emotes and some worthless consumables. The shader is a consumable as well, technically, so think long and hard before you use it – you won’t get a replacement. The emotes are probably the biggest draw here. Bungie have mentioned they’re going to appear in the Eververse store at some point, so make sure to flaunt them before they become available to anyone willing to spend the cold, hard money. Otherwise what’s the use of being a veteran?

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  1. A
    A Random Corrector

    While the consumables being worthless is purely a matter of opinion, you can get a replacement for the shader whenever you wish from the collections menu. The big draw here is both the shader and the emblem, as they reference D1 things, and, as it stands, will never be available to the masses.

  2. D
    David M

    Your attitude throughout this entire “story” was condescending and rude. Also, you are flat out wrong. Shaders, as with just about everything in Destiny 2(except year 2 weapons and armor, which Bungie is working on adding in an upcoming update), CAN be reacquired anytime one choses, from the collections tab. Even if it is only games journalism, if you wish to call yourself a journalist, try being factual and objective, in that order.

    1. J
      Jared G

      My exact thoughts mate. If you’re going to write an article like this, keep your unwarranted opinions out of it.

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