Destiny 2 Veteran Rewards for Returning Players Discussed at E3

One of the many, many burning questions surrounding Destiny 2 at the moment is how will the game recognize veterans of the first one. We know they won’t be able to transfer their gear, so it seems all the hard work will go to waste once the sequel is out. David “DeeJ” Dague, Destiny’s community manager, revealed a little bit of info about returning player rewards in Destiny 2 at an E3 presentation.

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destiny 2 veteran rewards
Destiny 2 veteran rewards

To recap, players will be able to import Destiny characters into Destiny 2. However, this will only transfer their base character, so they don’t have to go through the customization process again. All gear will be lost, as will the light levels and general progress. It all fits into the story of Ghaul stealing the Guardians’ power, so no biggie.

However, the community that stuck with the game through its highs and lows would like to be acknowledged in the sequel. It’s only natural. Bungie realise this as well, so it seems they’ll allow for a way to mark yourself as a veteran. Or, in the immortal words of David Dague:

If you have played Destiny with us up to this point we will have certain identifiers so players can look at you and say “You’ve been around since the beginning, you’re one of the original guardians”.

So there you have it. There’s no word on what the identifiers will be, but we presume it’s going to be some kind of custom shader or emblem. Some players think this would be a sub-optimal solution, since you’d be forced to use that particular shader/emblem as long as you want to show off your veteranship. An icon next to the player tag would probably be a better solution. We’ll hopefully know more as we inch closer to the release date.

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