Destiny 2 When Can You Co-op in The Campaign?

Destiny 2 lets you play through the campaign in coop, experiencing the story alongside your friends. However, you can’t start a fireteam right at the beginning. Some things have to happen in the story before you’re able to team up with other players. Some players have become impatient, asking when can you co-op in Destiny 2, and that’s exactly what this guide will show you. It’s going to have some spoilers for the early game, so consider yourself warned.

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destiny 2 when can you coop
Destiny 2 When Can You Co-op in The Campaign?

When Can You Start Co-op in Destiny 2?

You can start coop in Destiny 2 after the Spark mission, in the Red War campaign. The first mission is what we had in the beta – the attack on the tower. Once you’re done with that, you’ll wander around aimlessly until you run into Hawthorne. She’ll lead you to the Farm, the first social space. Once you’re there, you’ll unlock a mission that’ll see you reclaim some of your power by visiting a Traveller shard. It’s called Spark. Once you’ve finished that mission, you’ll return to the Farm again, and that’s when you’ll get the ability to play with others. It’s pretty much the same as in the previous game.

Playing with friends is more fun, but it requires coordination – your free time might not match up with theirs, so organizing a play session can be tough. And there’s always that one person who has more time on their hands, so they quickly out-level the rest of the party. Playing with random strangers from the internet is a nice compromise, though – it makes the game easier, but without the friendly banter. It does give you a chance to meet new people, though.

How to enable whispering with other players on PC

Since there’s no global chat on PC, it is recommended to enable your Whisper Chat to everyone. Press G to inspect in social spaces, then F1 to bring up the Interact menu. Go to Settings -> Gameplay -> Whisper Chat -> Everyone (thanks ANAHOLEIDGAF).

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