Destiny 2 Where to find Legendary Sword Traitor's Fate - Deluxe Bonus

If you’ve bought the deluxe edition of Destiny 2, you’re going to get a legendary sword. However, it’s not available at the start, and many players are wondering how to get it. The developers probably didn’t want to give it to you too early, as it would make the campaign too easy. If you’re anxious to get your hands on it, this guide will show you where to find legendary sword deluxe edition bonus in Destiny 2.

destiny 2 legenrady sword traitor's fate
Destiny 2 Where to find Legendary Sword Deluxe Edition Bonus

How to get Traitor’s Fate legendary sword?

In order to get legendary sword Traitor’s Fate, you’ll have to finish the campaign. Unlike the other bonus items, you don’t need to be level 20 for this one. Once you’re done with the story, go to the Tower and talk to the postmaster. He’ll have a strange parcel waiting for you. As soon as you claim it, you’ll get an emblem and the sword.

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The sword has 210 attack, does arc damage and has an adaptive frame. Guarding with it has low efficiency and high defense. Every kill you score with it, on the other hand, increases your movement speed and damage. If you haven’t strayed too far from the campaign, it’ll definitely be an upgrade. However, it’s a bit sad that a paid bonus item starts off with so little power – it’s either going to become obsolete really fast, or you’re going to spend a bunch of time and resources to infuse it to a usable level. It’s real pretty, though.

It’s a shame you can’t get it as soon as you start playing, but it’s understandable. Having a legendary sword from the beginning would ruin the fantasy of slowly getting back on your feet after a devastating attack that left you without your powers and equipment. Seems there’s no right answer to that particular dilemma.

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  1. R
    r mina

    Which campaign is it that needs to be completed?

    1. G
      Gosu No0b

      All story missions.

  2. C
    Christopher Tempus

    It won’t be obsolete will it? You can usually just infuse purples that you want to keep with higher light valued ones you find later on.

  3. J

    Dismantled it garbage

  4. A

    I have beaten the game and went back to the post master but nothing was there. I got the Digital Deluxe Pre-order

    1. J

      deluxe but no sword

    2. W

      Finish the story line and talk to Cayde at the Tower….

      1. M

        I completed everything but no Traitor’s Fate from Cayde. Any other suggestions?

  5. F

    I accidentally dismantled mine, can someone tell me how I can get it back????

    1. P

      The cryptarch at the farm might help

  6. D

    It takes almost nothing to infuse up a weapon. In the short time the game has been out I have 1500+ SPARE legendary shards and I upgrade everything asap. I don’t same them up or anything like that. It takes 3(-+?) legendary shards not “lots of resources” and this sword seems to be the same as Steel Sybil Z-14 obtainable from random drops while playing crucible or from crucible reputation boosters via Shaxx. The Hunter only sword is also a nice alternative with a dash attack instead of having a heavy attack.

    I for one am glad my pre order bonus content only provided a momentary benefit until i earned other in game items. I dont want my pre-order bonus to be the only items I’ll ever use… Bungie IMHO did a great job with them not being over powered. that being said the only one worth having is Coldheart. (questable later if you didnt get the pre-order bonus code)

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