How to level up in FFXV

How to level up in Final Fantasy XV guide shows how the leveling works in FFXV. To discover the open world of FFXV, you’ll need to level up your characters. This is where the limitations of the open world start. This is a harsh world, and you’ll need higher levels to fight it.

Final Fantasy XV Leveling Tips & Tricks

To start the leveling process you need to gain Experience. Complete quests and kill enemies to get experience. Each character has separate experience-based levels.
  • Upon completion of a quest or the death of enemies you gain an amount of experience.
  • Unlike most games, where experience is automatically added to the player’s leveling curve, it is not the case here.
  • To obtain the acquired amount of previously earned experience, you have to do one thing. Find and rest at the camps, hotels…
  • Only once you’ve rested at these places the experience you’ve gained will be added to the leveling pool, increasing the level of the characters.
  • Different experience levels have different size pools. Higher levels require more experience to be seized than the ones before it.
  • While resting at outdoor camps costs 0 gil, being in a hotel costs gil. But here is the catch. This type of resting places that cost gil can additionally boost experience gained up to that point.
  • Food that Ignis prepares at camps or the one you can buy at different resting places is the main source of additionally increasing the amount of experience accumulated.
  • If Noctis dies, the accumulated experience is lost. If Noctis’s companions die during the combat, they lose experience they should’ve gotten for that single fight.
  • To avoid combat with enemies, you can just run out of the field where fight takes place. The combat field is marked on the mini-map as a red area. Once you are out of this area, the enemies will stop following. Use this fact whenever you feel like you can’t win in a battle.

How to level up faster in FFXV?

There’s a certain method you can use, which helps but is kind of risky. We’ve written about it in our guide on how to level up fast in FFXV. As it was mentioned above, you want to complete quests and kill enemies to gain experience. Higher level quests require higher experience levels. You want to make leveling easier and not spend too much time on it, just so you can enjoy the other aspects of the game more. To do so, you’ll have to do couple of things.

  1. First of all, you want to shorten the time you spend in combat. This is done by choosing the combat style you feel is best for you and upgrading it through the ascension grid. There are many talents here that serve the sole purpose of increasing a specific combat power. Check out our Ascension Skill Tree guide to see more info about it.
  2. Analyze is a great Ascension skill that serves perfectly for that purpose. It automatically scans most enemies’ weaknesses at the onset of battle. This gives you an insight on what approach is the best for which enemy.
  3. Some of the ascension skills give additional EXP for some mini games like Noctis’s fishing. But this is probably not worth investing if you don’t want to bother with side activities too much.
  4. Be sure to invest time at the start of the game to get to know the Magic System. This system is great for taking down all enemies. It can bring a fight to an end faster than by any other means. We’ve done Magic Spell Crafting Combinations and Elemancy – Magic System to help you out.
  5. You’ll also want to eat food as soon as possible. Food gives buffs. These buffs can increase the amount of gained experience from 50% up and more. Food is prepared at camps by Ignis, or it is bought in resting places. To check the cooking recipse and their locations use our Cooking Recipe Locations Guide.
  6. To spend less time traveling, you want to use the best in-game travelling methods. Completing the quests for unlocking chocobos and fixing the Regalia are some of the priorities. Chocobo Guide and Regalia Guide will give you more information.
  7. The main quests give you your much needed experience. To fill up the gap between their next exp level or recommendations, you can complete numerous side quests. These quests are found all around the world. The most famous ones are the hunting quests. These are collected from the inns and restaurants, bulletin boards…
  8. Everything about the taken quests, the amount of exp it gives and other rewards, are shown in the game menu.
  9. There are certain locations on the map that represents the entrances of the dungeons. Although, some of them are part of the main story, to the others side quests leads. Completing dungeons, you’ll get a decent amount of experience and new items. We’ve done a full Dungeon Locations Map if you want to check it out.
If you want to learn more about all the things you can do in the game visit our FFXV Tips & Tricks guide.
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