Ghost of Tsushima How to Continue Ishikawa Tale 5

Ishikawa Tale is one of the side quest chains in Ghost of Tsushima. It consists of nine quests, but after you complete the first four, you won’t immediately get the fifth one. This is making a lot of people wonder how to continue Ishikawa Tale 5 after The Way of The Bow, and whether there are some specific steps they should take or if just waiting for it to appear is the right approach. This guide will show you how to start Ishikawa Tale #5 in Ghost of Tsushima.

how to continue ishikawa tale ghost of tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima How to Continue Ishikawa Tale

How to start Ishikawa Tale #5?

After you complete the fourth tale of Ishikawa, there will be a pause in the quest line. The dialogue at the end of this quest will even hint at it, implying that Jin has to deal with some other stuff before proceeding. You don’t have to worry about it – the quest will automatically continue as soon as you unlock Toyotama, the second map. Tale #5: Dreams of Conquest will appear in Akashima right away, and you’ll be able to continue.

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The same thing will happen once more, after you complete Tale #8. The last tale takes place on the Kamiagata map, and won’t appear in your quest log until you reach the third and final area. Again, patience is the only solution – no matter what you do, it will start in due time, and not a second earlier.

While you’re waiting for the next island to become available, you can kill time by completing mythic tales, finding collectibles like pillars of honor, hot springs and bamboo strikes, collect vanity gear so you can customize your character, freeing the land from the invading Mongol forces outpost by outpost, and more. It’s a big map, and all those icons won’t just clear themselves out.

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