Arthur's Outfit Available at Madame Nazar - Blood Money Update RDR2 Online

The RDR2 Online Blood Money update brings several new articles of clothing, including the Rebellion Poncho and The Haraway outfit, which is in fact Arthur’s Outfit, and you get both from Madame Nazar. So, if you’ve always wanted to dress up your online character as Arthur from Red Dead Redemption 2, have I got good news for you. If you have the funds, that is, because the Haraway outfit is really expensive. In our Arthur’s Outfit Available at Madame Nazar – Blood Money Update RDR2 Online guide, we’ll show you how to get the outfit and where to find Madame Nazar’s location this week.

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arthurs outfit available at madame nazar blood money update rdr2 online
Arthur’s Outfit Available at Madame Nazar – Blood Money Update RDR2 Online

How to Get Arthur’s Outfit in RDR2 Online Blood Money Update

To get Arthur’s Outfit in the Blood Money update in RDR2 Online, you have to purchase it from Madame Nazar. As most of you probably know, she is the traveling merchant that all games like these have, and she travels around every week, offering new stuff. We’ll get into where to find her this week in a second. Once you do find her, go into the Clothing part of her shop, and find The Haraway Outfit. That entry is the entire outfit – hat, shirt, neckerchief, pants, boots; the whole nine yards. It also costs a despicable 52 Gold Bars, so get ready for your pockets to get significantly lighter. While you’re at it, you can also purchase the Rebellion Poncho for for $231.

Madame Nazar Location RDR2 Online

This week’s location of Madame Nazar in RDR2 Online Blood Money Update, and Arthur’s Outfit, is in New Hanover, near Emerald Ranch and Emerald Station. It’s slightly to the southwest of the area, to be exact, not far from the place where the roads form a triangle. The screenshots below are going to show you exactly where you need to go; just click or tap them on enlarge the images. Approach the store and talk to Madame Nazar in order to peruse her wares, and simply follow the steps we’ve laid out above. Arthur’s Outfit is going to be yours in no time, if you have the Gold Bars.

rdr2 online blood money update madame nazar location arthur outfit
Madame Nazar location

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    I think Arthur’s outfit is a rip off because it is 52 gold I think it should be lower because 52 gold for a outfit is a ripoff

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