Red Dead Redemption 2 Bayou Nwa Stranger Cabin - Go in or Not

Bayou Nwa Stranger Cabin in RDR2 is a location you can visit in the game. This person, called Sonny, is one of a number of strangers in Red Dead Redemption 2. He invites you into his shack, with a promise of food. So, the question is; what to do? Should you go inside, or just leave and forget about it. Well, our Red Dead Redemption 2 Bayou Nwa Stranger Cabin guide will show you what’s best to do in this situation, and what will happen to you.

Bayou Nwa RDR2 Stranger Cabin – What to Do?

If you go exploring through Bayou Nwa, you might come across a stranger hanging out on the porch of his cabin, just south of the letter N in Nwa on the map (exact location provided below). The guy seems friendly enough; he invites you inside with the offer of food. However, he does seem sketchy, and, by this point, you know not to trust people. So, what are you supposed to do? Go inside, or stay away? Well, the short answer is: go inside, but expect bad things to happen. It’ll be worth it, though.

I say this, because the stranger, called Sonny, by the way, has some good consumables in his shack. This includes Valerian Root, which helps boost your Dead Eye. So, walk on into the stranger’s cabin, and he’ll clock you over the head with a big plank of wood. A short but disturbing cutscene later, you’ll wake up some ways away to the northeast. You’ll lose some money, and all of your core meters will be in the red. So, take a minute to rest and replenish your meters. Then, go back to Sonny’s cottage for your revenge.

Take your weapon out and break down the door. Sonny will try to run away, so gun him down. Loot him and everything he’s got in his house, then be on your way. Maybe you want to visit the Hermit Stranger to find the first part of the Torn Treasure Map. Or, maybe you want to go to the Valentine saloon and take the Raccoon Mountain Hat from Jon. Up to you.

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  1. A

    No. No amount of Valerian Root is worth that. Save Arthur’s honor and just stay the hell out of that weirdo’s shack. Seriously.

  2. R

    Y’know, you could hypothetically just murder or hogtie the stranger straight off the bat and pilfer the cabin. This way you get all the goodies and Arthur doesn’t have to be some creeper’s…. “pet”.

  3. J

    I fire bombed and eventually blew the shack up, because he locked himself in. I should have shot him as soon as I pulled up because then I was locked out. I’ll revisit soon to see if he comes back. Which has happened before, I killed the Gun Smith in Rhodes so was unable to rescue the kid. I came back a second time and was successful.

  4. D

    Haha, after I catch my first legendary fish nearby and needed 15 minutes I thought so long for go in, but I already could think any wrong with the guy, while I thinking he waited, I decided to lit a dynamite and throw it in there, he shout any loud closed the door and realizediit’s was dynamite then he fast open the door again and try to run but the bomb already exploded and throw his body 20m away inside the woods, weirdly he survived that and I had to end it with a solid shoot to the head, but lost my reputation, I’m a outlaw already because always any incidents happen who upset me and then any go wrong and someone have to die, maybe already paid 1k bountys haha

  5. C

    I hogtied him and fed him to an alligator.

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