RDR2 Online Blackberry, Wild Mint, Canned Strawberry Locations - Berry Mint Moonshine

Berry mint moonshine is one of the various flavors of moonshine you can distill in Red Dead Online. You’ll need several ingredients for it, including canned strawberry, blackberry and wild mint. Some of these are pretty easy to find, while others can be tricky. If you’re having trouble procuring the materials, this guide is going to show you RDR2 Online blackberry, wild mint & canned strawberry locations, to help you brew berry mint moonshine.

rdr2 online blackberry wild mint canned strawberry locations
RDR2 Online Blackberry, Wild Mint, Canned Strawberry Locations – Berry Mint Moonshine

Blackberry locations

Blackberries grow in high shrubs, and you’ll recognize them by the dark purple berries. They mostly grow in the Tall Trees, the area west of Blackwater. They’re most plentiful in the southern part of this area. We found two bushes right next to each other on top of the first letter E in the word Trees.

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Wild Mint locations

Wild Mint has pointy green leaves and light purple flowers, all basically growing from one central stem. They’re high enough to spot in the grass, and mostly grow near rivers. Particularly, you’ll find lots of them around the Lower Montana River. There are several fertile pockets along the Kamassa River, too – north of Annesburg, downstream from the Elysian Pond and around the mouth. The best spot we found had four nodes next to each other. It’s on a ledge on the northern shore of Lower Montana River, southwest of the letter L.

Canned Strawberry locations

Canned strawberries are the easiest of the trio. You can find them in every general store, and buy them for a measly sum. Sadly, cans of strawberries don’t grow out in the wild, so you will have to shell out some cold, hard cash for this ingredient. If you’re not comfortable with that, you could always go with a recipe that doesn’t contain canned foods, like the Evergreen Moonshine.

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