RDR2 Online Evergreen Huckleberry, Wintergreen Berry, Ginseng Locations - Evergreen Moonshine

Evergreen huckleberry, wintergreen berry and ginseng are plants in RDR2 Online. If you’re playing through the Moonshiners update content, you’ll recognize all three as ingredients required for distilling Evergreen Moonshine. Since plants are the most difficult to find of all the items in the game, we’ve decided to write a guide showing you some good RDR2 Online evergreen huckleberry, winter green berry, ginseng locations.

rdr2 online evergreen huckleberry wintergreen berry ginseng locations
RDR2 Online Evergreen Huckleberry, Winter Green Berry, American Ginseng Locations – Evergreen Moonshine

Evergreen Huckleberry locations

Evergreen Huckleberries are black berries that grow on a shrub with thick, glistening leaves. They grow mostly along the Kamassa River, and you’ll find a whole bunch of them in Lemoyne. The location we used the most is the one west of Lagras, on the inner side of the bend in the river. There were three bushes right next to each other there.

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Wintergreen Berry locations

The Wintergreen Berry is another shrub, this time with red berries. It’s really low, and you can easily miss it in the grass if you’re not careful. They grow in the forests of Ambriano and New Hanover. The best places to look for them are in Cumberland Forest, south of Fort Wallace, and along the train tracks and river north of Annesburg. There’s a few bushes north from the letter T in Cumberland Forest.

Ginseng locations

There are two kinds of ginseng in the game, but any of them will work for this recipe. Both have wide leaves, red berries and thorns along the stem. The biggest natural reserves of them can be found in Tall Trees, west of Blackwater, Cumberland Forest, northeast of Valentine, the area around O’Creagh’s Run in the East Grizzlies, and the patch of land between Van Horn trading post and Elysian Pool. We also found a great place to farm them directly north of Valentine, past the train tracks. It’s a farmstead northwest of Window Rock, and there’s a whole bunch of ’em there.

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