Bluewater Contract RDR2 Online

The Bluewater Contract is a new Crime added to RDR2 Online in the new Blood Money update. An interesting and involved quest, this Crime isn’t the easiest mission to pull off. There are many tough sections where you will have to face many enemies at once. Still, it’s a rewarding and fun experience. To help you solve this Crime as easily and as fast as possible, we’ve put together this Bluewater Contract RDR2 Online guide. Simply follow our instructions here and you will be able to finish it in no time.

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Bluewater Contract RDR2 Online

The Bluewater Contract – Part 1

To start this Crime, select it from a Crime Vendor. Bluewater John is a guitarist and former gang member and you need to intimidate him to tell you where he has hidden his stash. Follow the waypoint to the crossroads where you will encounter him. Now you need to intimidate him until he tells you that the map is in his guitar. Inspect the guitar and it will point you to the next location you need to visit – Pleasance Settlement. Be ready for a tough fight here. After you have killed everyone, don’t forget to loot the gang member’s bodies for Capitale. The house where the Cash Bag is hidden needs to be opened by dynamite. Deliver the Cash Bag to Martelli’s Associate.

The Bluewater Contract – Part 2

To begin the second part, talk to a Crime Vendor and select this contract again. Follow the directions until you reach the gang’s hideout. Kill all of them and don’t forget to loot them afterward. Search the money box and you will find that it’s empty. What you are looking for isn’t here, so proceed to the next hideout. Again, after you have dispatched every gang member, search the area. In one of the shacks here is another empty money box. Go to the third area. Once here, kill every gang member and find the Cash Bag. Once you’ve got it, return it to Martelli’s Associate.

The Bluewater Contract – Part 3

To kick off the final part, select “The Bluewater Contract – Part 3” from a Crime Vendor. Turns out that Bluewater John has a stash of Capitale and we need to relive it from him. go to North Rhodes and hogtie Bluewater John. He tells you of several possible locations for his stash, so put him on your horse and make your way to the location we’ve marked on the map below. Once you are here Bluewater John will point you in the direction of his Hidden Map. Go there and put John down from your horse. A cutscene will start and Bluewater John will be released. Worse yet, a wave of zombies will start attacking you. Make your way to the real Cash Bag and return it to Martelli’s Associate. Congratulations, you’ve now completed the Bluewater Contract RDR2 Online.

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