Fastest Way to Farm Capitale RDR2 Online

The fastest way to farm capitale in RDR2 Online has been a matter of a lot of discussion among the fanbase. Capitale is the new currency in Red Dead Online, and it seems that Rockstar really wants you to spend Gold Bars on it. That is technically the fastest way to get it, but there are better ways to use Gold Bars. That’s why we’ve put together our Fastest Way to Farm Capitale RDR2 Online guide to show you how to get decent amounts of Capitale for “free.” It’ll take some time and grinding, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

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fastest way to farm capitale rdr2 online
Fastest Way to Farm Capitale RDR2 Online

RDR2 Online Fastest Way to Farm Capitale

One of the fastest ways to farm Capitale in RDR2 Online is to start up the Jeb Phelps contract. Follow the mission down to the Van Horn Trade Post from the north, but ignore the actual task. Instead, as you’re coming into the town from the north, keep an eye out on the right for a large barn door on the right. Open it and run to the lock box on the left, on the floor near the workbench. Run in, open the box, loot it, and get out. Invisible enemies will be shooting the whole time, so be fast. Then, pause the game and click “Online,” then pick “Crimes.” That aborts the rest of the mission and takes you back at an NPC where you can start the contract again. Rinse and repeat.

Another fast way to farm RDR2 Online Capitale is to start up part 3 of 3 of the Railroad contract mission. Follow the mission onto the bridge and kill everyone, especially the foreman. Then, loot the foreman to proceed to the next step of the mission. Cross the bridge and head right until you find the waiting train. Your task is to hop onto the train and find the railroad director. The quest tells you to capture him, but that’s not the route we’re taking this time. Instead, shoot the guy and loot the body. You’ll fail the mission, but get 3x Capitale. Pause the game, hit “Online,” then “Crimes.” Start the contract again, and repeat as much as you want.

Can You Repeat Contracts in RDR2 Online

Yes, you absolutely can repeat contract in RDR2 online, our fastest ways to farm Capitale kinda rely on that being the case. By that, I mean even if you’ve already completed all three steps of the Jeb Phelps contract or the Railroad contract, you can always replay them from the start. You just need to finish all three steps, and then you can start the process over.

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