Buck Antler Trinket RDR2 Online - Dane Topaz Necklace Locations

Buck Antler Trinket is one of the charms you can buy from Gus, the new vendor in Red Dead Online. When worn, it will increase your chances of getting better quality pelts and skins from animals in perfect condition. In order to get it, you’ll need to bring Gus a pair of buck antlers, a Dane Topaz necklace and $775 in cash. If you’re having trouble getting the necessary parts, this guide will show you Red Dead Online Buck Antler & Dane Topaz Necklace locations.

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rdr2 online buck antler trinket
Buck Antler Trinket RDR2 Online – Dane Topaz Necklace Locations

How to get Buck Antler in RDR2 Online

You can get buck antlers from hunting and skinning a buck, which is a male deer. They’re one of the most common animals in the game, and you’ll find lots of them in the temperate, eastern regions. You can find them in Cumberland Forest, the border between Lemoyne and New Hanover, and along Roanoke Ridge all the way down to Bluewater Marsh.

rdr2 online buck antler locations

Dane Topaz Necklace locations

The Dane Topaz necklace can be obtained as part of the Lost Jewelry collection, if you’ve upgrade your Collector role enough. You’ll need the metal detector for some of these, so you might want to beef up your rank, if you haven’t already. It changes its location every day, on a six-day cycle – you’ll find the locations for each cycle below.

  1. Cycle 1 Location: In New Austin, south of Tumbleweed. There’s an abandoned ranch south of Benedict Point, near the tracks. You’ll find the necklace in the fireplace of the burned-down house.
  2. Cycle 2 Location: In New Hanover, a bit west of the letter N. There’s a twisting cliff there, south of Caliban’s Seat. You’ll find the necklace buried in an area covered with moss and sprinkled with stones. Bring a metal detector.
  3. Cycle 3 Location: In New Austin, on the southern outskirts of Armadillo. There’s a mass grave there, half dug, and if you scratch the surface in the right place, you’ll find the necklace.
  4. Cycle 4 Location: In New Austin, near the letter “I”. East of Lake Don Julio, there’s a house at the bottom of a cliff. If you dig by the barrel next to one of the windows, you’ll find your prize.
  5. Cycle 5 Location: In Ambarino, northwest of Window Rock. There’s a place with several buildings in the forest there, at the end of the road. Enter the house on the right and look for the necklace in the cupboard.
  6. Cycle 6 Location: Halfway between Strawberry and Blackwater, on the northern bank of the Upper Montana River. There’s a clearing atop the cliff with several young pines there – that’s where you should pull out your metal detector, and it’ll lead you to a spot near the edge, where the necklace is buried.

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  1. D

    Just checked all 6 locations for the Dane topaz necklace and did not find it. I don’t think the locations are accurate since the Naturalist patch was released.

    1. W

      Agreed. Areas are no good.

  2. M

    Yeah I couldn’t find the necklace at these spots.

  3. M
    Mr. BinJu

    If it requires a shovel to get an item then the collectors map dont work. So coins, some jewelry, fossils, etc may not be in the spot the map shows. Just gotta wait till they update the map

    1. J

      Where or are there shovels

  4. L

    Collector jewelry is indeed completely random now. I was lucky to find it within a few days.
    Not only that, but the Buck Antler Trinket (or whatever the online version is cant remember) DOES NOT WORK. I’ve deliberately shot many 3 stars with the wrong guns and they DO NOT upgrade. I believe it is bugged

    1. H

      The description of the trinket says “player has a higher CHANCE of receiving better quality pelts”. Not sure if you know what that means, but it basically means it doesn’t happen all the time. To go from two to three stars it’s probably about a 10% chance in my experience. From one to two is about half the time.

  5. R
    Raven Furya

    You will need the metal detector but to find it just go to madam naz and get the lost Jewls maps hunt them down you run into it for sure

    1. F

      I have played since the collector role came out. And have bought countless maps. And have never came across the Dane topaz necklace with using a map. And I’ve tried to use this guide. And still nothing. :/

  6. Z
    Zayd Farah

    On Thursday, October 1st, 2020, I found the Dane topaz necklace at the Cycle 5 Location in Ambarino, northwest of Window Rock. The place with several buildings in the forest there, at the end of the road. Inside the house in the large dresser to the right.

  7. C

    Just did this on 7/13/2021, it was the first spot.

    1. C
      Cassandra Palencia

      Same. But it wasn’t there at first. I just went to the online menu and selected new austin again and it spawned in the fireplace

  8. S
    Steve M

    It’s October 5th, 2021, I found the Dane topaz necklace at the Cycle 5 Location in Ambarino, northwest of Window Rock yesterday.

  9. M
    Michelle B

    Found at location 2 on 10-28-2021 @ 1:51 PM CST – Thank you

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