Ram Horn Trinket RDR2 Online - Aubrey Onyx Ring Locations

Ram Horn Trinket in RDR2 Online is a new item that you can get from Gus after bringing him a Bighorn Horn and the Aubrey Onyx Ring. Finding bighorns is not that big of a problem, all things considered, since they’re all over the place in the north and the southwest. However, figuring out where to find the Aubrey Onyx Ring is a whole different matter. So, here’s our Ram Horn Trinket RDR2 Online – Aubrey Onyx Ring Locations guide to help you on your journey.

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ram horn trinket rdr2 online aubrey onyx ring locations
Ram Horn Trinket RDR2 Online – Aubrey Onyx Ring Locations

Aubrey Onyx Ring Locations in RDR2 Online

There are six possible Aubrey Onyx Ring locations in Red Dead Online. Every day, the location switches, and there’s no particular order in which it happens. So, make sure to visit all six locations if necessary. It’s going to be in one of these. Check out the map below to see where you need to go. Under that is a list of brief explanations that might come in handy.

aubrey onyx ring locations rdr2 online ram horn trinket
  • First Location: In the north of West Elizabeth, near the word “Little” in “Little Creek River” on the map, under a large, lonely tree on the river bank.
  • Second Location: In New Hanover, in Caliban’s Seat, south of Valentine, in a crack above a platform just under the top of the mountain.
  • Third Location: In the west of Saint Denis, in the dump near the railroad bridge.
  • Fourth Location: Near a large boulder and a dead tree next to the road north of Rhodes, just outside the town.
  • Fifth Location: In West Elizabeth, south of Blackwater, under a tree near the lonesome blue house.
  • Sixth Location: In the ruins of a small house just above the “San” in “San Luis River” on the map, inside the fireplace.

In several of these locations, the Aubrey Onyx Ring will be buried. So, don’t forget to bring your Metal Detector Kit, that indispensable tool of the Collector Role. When you find the ring, make sure to take it to Gus.

Bighorn Locations in Red Dead Online

There’s a huge number of places where you can find Bighorn locations in Red Dead Online. Pretty much the entirety of the south and west of New Austin is positively lousy with them. Also, there’s eastern and southern Ambarino, western West Elizabeth, etc. We recommend the area between Coattail Pond and Valentine, but really, any will do. Shoot one, skin it, and take the horn to Gus. Once he has both the horn and the Aubrey Onyx Ring, he’ll offer to sell you the Ram Horn Trinket for $550. If you have it, picking creeping thyme, oregano and wild mint will yield twice more herbs.

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  1. Y

    Your descriptions are WAY too vague still, and the lack of screenshots makes them harder to decipher. I cam for information, not riddles.

    1. E

      I agree, I even went to all the locations and couldn’t figure out the location for the second or Fifth location….

      1. S

        I found it in caliban’s seat, looking at the map I’m in the tiny triangle of the A in “caliban’s”.
        There’s no indication that you’re near it, no controller vibration or floating lights, you have to jump along the side of the mountain to get to it. Hope this helps!

  2. N

    I didnt find it vague or complicatied to find considering if u play the game u learn how to track gold dots floating around or following the ticking of the metal Detector. But i will say after 3 days of searching each spot im yet to get the damn ring… lol

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