Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Supply Pearson Donations

Camp supplies are items your gang mates use up in Red Dead Redemption 2. They’re replenished by your donations, which means you’ll be in charge of the wellbeing of your merry gang of robbers. You’ll donate items either through the donation box, or through Pearson. In this guide, we’re going to explain Red Dead Redemption 2 camp supply & Pearson donations, to help you make everyone happy.

red dead redemption 2 camp supply pearson donations
Red Dead Redemption 2 Camp Supply Pearson Donations

Camp donations & morale

Early on in the game, you’ll get access to the tithing box in your camp. It will allow you to donate money and items to the gang. You might wonder what good it does you to give stuff away this way. In short, it will increase the gang’s morale.

This means people around the camp won’t have reason to complain, and might even start donating themselves. More importantly, it means you’ll sometimes get free stuff. High morale gives you a chance to get free ammo at Arthur’s tent, free provisions at Pearson’s wagon, or free healing items at Strauss’ wagon.

How to get food & supplies for camp?

If you aren’t short on money, the easiest way to donate food, ammo or supplies to the camp is through the ledger. The first few pages have options to restock at the bottom, allowing you to buy more of what you have, be it food, ammunition or medicine.

If you lack the funds, you can also contribute by donating valuable items, like rings, bracelets and brooches. If you like hunting, you can also give Pearson animal corpses to turn into food.

How to donate animals to Pearson?

This part is a bit unintuitive, and lots of people are struggling with it. You aren’t supposed to bring the carcass yourself. Leave it on the horse, dismount and walk up to Pearson. Select the option to donate, and once the satchel’s open, go all the way to the right, to the horse cargo tab. That’s where you’ll find whatever poor, unfortunate soul you’ve caught for dinner.




    Does donating fish count towards food?

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