Red Dead Redemption 2 Perfect Quality Rabbit Belts - How to get for Master Hunter 2 Challenge

Rabbits are the most common animals you’ll come across in Red Dead Redemption, but getting perfect rabbit pelts during monster hunter challenge might be a problem for new players. Hunting system in RDR2 is intricate and has several things you need to keep track of if you want to really master it. You can’t just come out shooting or throwing dynamite sticks at animals hoping to get high quality pelts that will earn you top dollar at merchants. Each animal requires special approach if you want to get the best pelts. As part of the Master Hunter challenges, of which there are ten, you will be asked to acquire three perfect rabbit pelts. In this guide we’ll discuss how to get perfect rabbit pelts while hunting in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Perfect Quality Rabbit Belts Master Hunter 2 Challenge

Where to find and how to hunt rabbits in RDR2?

Rabbits in Red Dead Redemption are found almost anywhere and the map screenshot bellow shows three locations that are the closest to your gang’s camp in the Heartlands of New Hanover. Various species of rabbit are the most common type of animal in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are found almost anywhere in the game. They are very fearful creatures and will quickly run away at the first sign of trouble. My recommendation is just to roam in between the three points on the map bellow and then rabbits should just jump out in front of you when scared. If you are quick enough you can shoot them right then and there. Most likely you will have to turn on Eagle Eye (L3+R3 on playstation) and track rabbit trails. Crouch and follow them. Keep using Eagle Eye until you spot the rabbit. Next step is important in getting perfect rabbit pelts.

pristine rabbit locations map

How to get perfect rabbit pelts in Red Dead Redemption 2?

You need to find Pristine rabbits in the wild and kill them with Varmint rifle to get a perfect rabbit pelt. You will recognize a pristine rabbit by having three stars next to its name once you aim at it. To get the Varmint rifle you need to go to the nearest gunsmith and purchase it. You can find one in Valentine for $72. Remember to buy same 0.22 ammo as well. Owners of the special and ultimate editions of the game should be able to buy the rifle for free. Once you find a rabbit equip the Varmint rifle in your weapon wheel. Aiming at the animal should give you a prompt to study it first. If you manage to do that with R1 you will be able to show info. In its name it should say Pristine rabbit. If it is pristine – shoot it. Once you skin it you should get perfect rabbit pelt. Do this three times and you will complete the Master Hunter 2 challenge. You can donate the carcass to camp or sell it to trappers.

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