RDR2 Online Currant, Ginseng, Apple Locations - Wild Cider Moonshine

Currant, ginseng and apple are all ingredients for the Wild Cider Moonshine in Red Dead Online. You’ll get to distill this drink if you start working as a moonshiner after the last update. You’ll only need a small amount of each, but finding them might take a lot of time. If you’re having trouble collecting the materials needed to make Wild Cider moonshine, our RDR2 Online ginseng, currant, apple locations guide will help you.

rdr2 online wild cider moonshine apple ginseng currant locations
RDR2 Online Ginseng, Currant, Apple Locations – Wild Cider Moonshine

Currant locations

You can collect either the golden or the black variant – both will yield the same fruit. They’re both tiny saplings with a main stem that forks into two or three branches. The difference is only in the color – the black variant has visible, plump berries, while the gold one has yellow flowers. You’ll find the black one around Tumbleweed in the southwest. The golden currant grows in the area west of Blackwater, between the upper and lower Montana rivers. There’s lots of it west of the Van Horn trading post, too, around the Kamassa river. They usually grow in groups of two-three.

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Ginseng locations

There are two kinds of ginseng as well – the American and Alaskan. No matter which one you pick, you’ll be able to use it for the Wild Cider moonshine. You’ll find them mostly in Tall Trees, Cumberland Forest and around O’Creagh’s Run lake. However, here’s a spot where you can farm them until you pass out – it’s north of Valentine, across the tracks, then northwest. It’s a small farm, and they grow gingseng in the garden.

Apple locations

Apples can be bought from general stores, but if you’re a penny-pincher, you’ll want them for free. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that as well. You can go to one of the cottages in the Braithwaithe Manor area and look for a bunch of wicker baskets filled with apples. You can’t take the apples from the baskets, but you can pick the ones from the floor, and there’s plenty of them as well.

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