RDR2 Online Canned Pineapples, Pear, Vanilla Flower Locations - Tropical Punch Moonshine

Vanilla flowers, pears, and canned pineapples in Red Dead Online are ingredients necessary for making the Tropical Punch Moonshine in the Moonshiners content update. All things considered, making the Tropical Punch Moonshine in RDR2 Online is one of the easier feats, since two out of three ingredients can be easily bought in the store. That said, there is the third component, the vanilla flower, that you’ll have to go out and look for. That said, welcome to our RDR2 Online Canned Pineapples, Pear, Vanilla Flower Locations – Tropical Punch Moonshine guide, in which we’ll show you where to find vanilla flowers, pears, and canned pineapples to make the Tropical Punch Moonshine in Red Dead Online.

RDR2 Online Canned Pineapples Pear Vanilla Flower Locations Tropical Punch Moonshine
RDR2 Online Canned Pineapples, Pear, Vanilla Flower Locations – Tropical Punch Moonshine

Canned Pineapples Locations

You can find canned pineapples in pretty much any general store. So, all you have to do is go to whichever one is nearest to you, and browse their wares. Obviously, they are going to be in the canned food section of the catalog. Plus, they’re not expensive, at $1.50. You could probably find some canned pineapples by checking out different camps or buildings, but there really is no reason to bother that much. Just shell out the buck fifty and be on your merry way. Why waste your time when you can simply visit the store?

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where to find canned pineapples rdr2 online moonshiners tropical punch moonshine

Pear Locations

Pears in Red Dead Online, much like canned pineapples is readily available in general stores. Plus, they’re even cheaper than the pineapples, at just 65 cents a pop. So, if the cans were somehow to expensive for you, then you are bound to be able to at least buy pears. You’ll find them, obviously, in the Fresh Food section of the catalog.

tropical punch moonshine where to get pears red dead online moonshiners

Vanilla Flower Locations in Red Dead Online – Where to Find?

To find vanilla flower locations in RDR2 Online, look forth them around Lemoyne. Specifically, in west Bluewater Marsh, along the banks of the Kamassa River in western Bayou Nwa, and around Lagrass. The specific location we would recommend is on the small “peninsula” in Lake Lagrass. The location is really close to the local fast travel point, which is pretty handy. We found the vanilla flower growing next to a tree.

Vanilla flowers have long stalks, and small, yellow flowers with just a hint of red in them. Use your Eagle Eye to locate them, it’ll make things way easier. And use the screenshots we’ve provided above to see where we found a vanilla flower, as well as what it looks like.

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