Gypsy Cob - Red Dead Online New Horse

Gypsy Cob in Red Dead Online is a new horse added in the summer update, and it’s connected to the Naturalist role. As is always the case with new horses in RDR Online, people are wondering how to obtain the Gypsy Cob, as well as what its stats are. You don’t want to go to all that trouble, and end up with a bad horse. With all that said, here’s our Gypsy Cob – Red Dead Online New Horse guide to show you how to get the new ride, as well as its stats in all three tiers.

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gypsy cob red dead online new horse
Gypsy Cob – Red Dead Online New Horse

How to Get Gypsy Cob New Horse in Red Dead Online

To get the Gypsy Cob horse in Red Dead Online, you first have to acquire the new Naturalist Role. We explain how to do that in our Red Dead Online Outlaw Pass 3, Naturalist Role, Elephant Rifle, Improved Bow Prices guide. After that, you have to advance this role through the Ranks. As you progress, you’ll unlock different levels of the horse, with better stats on each step. Of course, you’ll also have to pay for it, but the horse is worth the trouble, as we’re going to show in a second. Also, there are six different coats that the Cob can have, and they’re all absolutely gorgeous, as you can see below.

Gypsy Cob Red Dead Online Stats

The stats of the Gypsy Cob in Red Dead Online depends on which tier you got. The low-tier Gypsy Cob have both moderate health and stamina, with the health being slightly higher. The mid tier horses have high health and mid stamina (but in the higher range of mid, if you know what I mean). Lastly, the top tier Gypsy Cob has both high health and high stamina. Like I said, they are very much worth the money and the leveling up of the Naturalist role. When it comes to size, the entry in the catalog says it stands at 14-15 hands tall, which is slightly more than average, but not by a lot. But, again, it looks like a truly godly steed, size be darned.

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