Norfolk Roadster - Red Dead Online New Horse

Norfolk Roadster is a horse breed in Red Dead Online. It’s one of the new ones, added in Update 1.20. It’s pretty pricey, and limited to a certain role, but it’s new, which means you’ll probably want to take it for a spin. If you’re wondering what the Norfolk Roadster – Red Dead Online new horse looks like, its stats or price, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

red dead online norfolk roadster
Norfolk Roadster – Red Dead Online New Horse

How to get Norfolk Roadster in RDO?

The only way to get the new horse is by purchasing it from the shop. There are six variants, ranging in cost from $150 to $950, but you also need to be a Moonshiner in order to unlock it – the cheapest one is available at rank 1, while the priciest only appears at rank 20. The game describes the mount as “one of the most popular horse breeds today due, in part, to its versatility and ability to travel great distances at significant speed”.

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The stats vary from coat to coat as well. The cheapest has a bit less than one bar of health and one and a half bar of stamina, while the deluxe version has one and a half bar of health and almost two and a a half bars of stamina.

The middle of the road versions cost $550, require rank 10 in Moonshiner and have a little more than a full bar of health and two bars of stamina. Here’s what they all look like in their store photos:

The cheap ones aren’t that much of an investment, but they also don’t have great stats. On the other hand, the ones unlocked at later levels are much better, but they’re also considerably more expensive. You better mull it over a bit before comitting to spending your hard earned cash.

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