RDR2 Online How To Poison Rival's Moonshine - Bootlegger Mission

One of the bootlegger missions in Red Dead Online involves trying to poison a rival’s moonshine. You have to sneak into their distillers and taint the vats without alerting the guards. If they raise the alarm, you’ll have to fight them and destroy the vats the old fashioned way. This can be tricky, because you’re on a timer and the enemies pack a punch, so it’s best to avoid direct confrontation. If you’re wondering how to poison rival’s moonshine in RDR2 Online without getting noticed, you’re in the right place.

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rdr2 online how to poison rival's moonshine
RDR2 Online How To Poison Rival’s Moonshine

How to taint vats without alerting guards?

The answer is simple: be patient. I know it’s easier said than done, but the key here is patience. If you want to get in and out unnoticed, you will have to stay put and figure out the guards’ patrol routes. At first, it seems everyone has their eyes on the still at all times, but if you give it some time, you’ll figure out the optimal way of taking out the guards.

Also, any fighting you do will have to be done silently. You can scout the area with a scoped rifle, but use a bow, throwing knives or rsilent melee takedowns to deal with enemies, and always do it while out of sight of other guards. Basically, you’ll have to sit idly in the bushes and wait for one guard to leave himself open, away from the others, then take him out with a silent weapon. If you’re using a bow, make sure to aim for the head – a non-fatal shot will just make him start shouting and calling for help. Use dead eye with the Paint It Black card – it will allow you to use it as auto-aim. Make sure you have a couple of tonics in case of emergency.

If you decide to go the loud way and fight everyone head-on, make sure you’ve really destroyed the stills. You have to shoot them until they explode – just punching a few holes in them won’t work.

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