Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Send Legendary Fish - Fisher of Fish Quest

How to send legendary fish in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the things many players are having trouble with. During the Fisher of Fish quest, when you have to catch thirteen legendary fish, you’ll have to send each one to the quest give, Jeremy Gill. They’re so big they can’t fit in your satchel. Instead, they’re carried in horse cargo. You might run into trouble when trying to send them to Gill. If you do, our Red Dead Redemption 2 how to send legendary fish guide should help you.

red dead redemption 2 how to send legendary fish
Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Send Legendary Fish – Fisher of Fish Quest

How to send fish to Jeremy Gill?

Once you’ve caught your first legendary fish, you’ll want to send it to Jeremy immediately. The sooner you send it, the sooner you’ll get your reward. You’ll need to go to the nearest post office – most towns have one, and you can use map filters to find them.

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Once you’re there, approach the counter and press right on the Dpad to open the screen used for sending mail. If the option happens to be greyed out, there are several things you could try. First of all, make sure you’ve inspected Jeremy Gill’s business card – it was added to your inventory when you talked to him. If that doesn’t help, try sending it with the fish in horse cargo, or in your arms – the former is the proper way, but there seems to be a bug there.

Finally, having a bounty might prevent you from using post offices in the area you’re wanted in. If you get to a post office and the counter is closed, you could try one in an area where you’re not wanted, or you could pay off your bounty by surrendering to the police (in case you’re wanted all over).

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  1. D

    What if you catch the legendary fish, but on your way to the post office, you die or lose it? Is there any way to re-catch or find the legendary fish again? With the legendary bear pelt for example, it just automaticly goes to the trapper if you die with it.


    1. T

      You can go back to the spot and catch the fish again.

  2. K

    Tried EVERYTHING including going to multiple post offices. Nothing… Hope Rockstar sorts this One out. What to do with the fish when you can’t send it?

    1. E
      Engel Nuenz

      I have the same problem did you manage to solve it?

  3. F

    Same question died with legendary fish am I SOL?

  4. T
    Toni Mattero


    I have tryed everything and nothin helpped??

  5. P

    Make sure you SAVE after catching any Legendary fish this will give you the added benefit of reloading your saved game if you lose it off your horse. That’s the only way I’ve found to be the safest, I found this out the hard way by dieing and losing my Legendary Bear Skin ?

    1. N

      Well with the fish you just go back to the area where you died, if your lucky enough to remember where you died. Your in luck if you lose a legendary animal pelt cause it will automatically send it to the any of the trapper stands in the world.

  6. B

    Nothing works for me either. Won’t let me send it

  7. M

    I hav sucessfully sent two legendary fish to mr Jeremy Gill. I was expecting som sort of reward or payment. But he just sends me lake lures??? I already have like ten of them. The fish costs 5 dollars to send each time. So this quest is just a waste of time.

  8. B

    This is a good side quest but my god I’ve tried absolutely everything to send these fish and it won’t work I hope it gets sorted soon it’s my last one before getting the 100% completition which has took ages!!

  9. S

    How do I know which fish I’ve mailed? I’ve sent all but 1…
    I’ve caught all the legendary fish (13) and all but one are x’d out on the map (the one near Saint Denis).


  10. S
    segun kolawole

    On red dead redemption 2 am having a problem sending the muskie fish by post there seems to be a bug which is stopping me from mailing the the fish to Jeremy gill.

    1. L

      same did you figure it out?

  11. M

    Trying to send the lake sturgeon fish but all the options or blacked out except for the pay bounty one. However i dont have a bounty. Has anyone have a fix to this?

  12. R
    Renee Smuin

    Has to be on regular horse not temp horse

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