Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Alligator Location - Bull Gator

Legendary alligator is one of the unique animals in Red Dead Redemption 2. You’ll need to hunt down the bull gator for the legendary alligator skin, which is required for crafting several high-end pieces of clothing. A lot of people are having trouble finding this beast, which stalks its prey in the marshes of Lemoyne. In this guide, we’re going to show you Red Dead Redemption 2 legendary alligator location, to help you out on your hunt.

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red dead redemption 2 legendary alligator location
Red Dead Redemption 2 Legendary Alligator Location – Bull Gator

If you were actually looking for proper bulls (the kind with horns), you should take a look at our RDR2 bull locations map.

Where to find legendary alligator in RDR2?

The legendary bull gator cannot be hunted until you finish the chapter 6 mission called That’s Murfree Country. As expected, it can be found in the swamps of Lemoyne afterwards. His domain is north of Saint Denis, in the marsh south of Lagras. Once you enter the area, you’ll get a notification that a legendary animal is nearby. If the tracking skill doesn’t provide you with a clue, try leaving the area and returning.

Make sure you bring heavy hitting weaponry with you, and try to kill the gator using dead eye before he can attack you. If your core is full, and you have a good weapon, you should be able to down him in one go. Use a Carbine with explosive ammo if you prefer long-range, or a shotgun with slug rounds if you like it up close and personal. He’s vicious and incredibly strong, and if you allow him to approach you, you’ll end up dead soon enough.

Once you’ve killed it, skin it to get the legendary alligator skin and legendary alligator tooth. The former can be used by a trapper to craft a vest, hat or a pair of boots, while the latter is used for a unique trinket you can buy from the fence:

  • Alligator Tooth Talisman – Slows down Dead Eye core drain by 10%. You’ll need the tooth, a gold jointed bracelet, a pair of vintage civil war handcuffs and $40.
  • Legendary Alligator Vest – You’ll need the skin and $35 to pay for costs.
  • Legendary Alligator Fowlers – Same as above.
  • Legendary Alligator Gambler’s Hat – Apart from the skin, you’ll need two perfect snake skins and $22.

If you lose the pelt before selling it, the trapper will still be able to craft the stuff, but you’ll miss out on the $50 you’d get from selling it.

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  1. B
    Brittney Weglarz

    I am well into chapter 6 and it still is not there

    1. D
      Dylan Palmer

      Same here. Not spawning at all

    2. B
      Benjamin Midthun

      Try going to sleep in the area and come right back. That worked for me

    3. B
      Brandon Ransom

      Wait till night

    4. W

      I’m not even getting the notification that I have entered legendary animal territory for the Legendary bull Gator. I have tryed leaving the area several times and no luck.

  2. R

    I have left the area and came back 3 times now and I still can’t find the clue. I have tried killing it and it has killed me a few times. Every time I come back, it tells me that a legendary animal is in the area. But when I search for a clue, there isn’t one there

    1. F
      Frank Cook

      Yep, been chasing the ol-orator ßince chap 4. Am on epìlogue 2 now but still get the “the alligator is too busy right now” crap what gives?

  3. J

    Definitely have already killed bronze which is a mission after country pursuits, and the gator just is non existent.

  4. J

    This must be bugged. I finished country pursuits, and have been running around the area shown above and cannot even get the alert that I’ve found a legendary animal. WTF.
    Some of this game irritates me…

    1. M

      Same with me, no notification of the legendary animal or any marking on the map, will try again later, hopefully just a “glitch in the matrix” and it pops up after I turn it back on.

      1. J

        Did you kill him in the earlier mission?

  5. G

    Yeah I’m thinking it’s bugged. I trawled the area for a solid hour, leaving and returning several times and even restarting the game twice. Still no luck.

  6. J

    I keep getting you’ve entered legendary animal territory but there is too much activity in the area to track it. Should I kill all gators in the area? I’ve tried coming early morning late at night and still same message.

    1. N

      Same here. I get to the area where you are supposed to be able to hunt it and the message pops up but it always says there is too much activity in the area. I’ve gone away for days and come back and it’s always the same. I’m at the end of the game btw.

  7. B
    Big Nuts

    I don’t even get a “you’ve entered a legendary animal” when I’m in the area and I’ve completed the mission already.

  8. A

    I read somewhere you have to finish a certain mission in chap 6. Not 4

    1. T

      I have completed the mission and it still haven’t spawned.

  9. A

    Hi go back to sleep for as long as u can in the camp and then go back to the swamp hunt around few mins and go back to camp and sleep again for as long as ya can and then go back to the swamp and look for the clues and shoot him

  10. G
    Glenn Armitage

    I believe the info is incorrect. You have to complete the Chapter 6 mission That’s Murfree Country first

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