Legendary Elk RDR2 Online - Ozula, Inahme Elk Locations

Legendary elk is one of the legendary animals in Red Dead Online. There are several species you can find, including the Ozula and Inahme elks. You can track them down and either sedate them to get samples for your collection, or hunt them for their pelts. Either way, finding them is the challenging part. If you’re wondering where they spawn, this guide will show you Red Dead Online legendary elk locations.

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red dead online legendary elk locations ozula inahme
Legendary Elk RDR2 Online – Ozula, Inahme Elk Locations

How to find legendary elk in RDR2?

Depending on the subspecies you’re after, you might have to wait until you reach a high enough naturalist rank and unlock a mission with Harriet before it appears. Drizzling and foggy weather is preferable, so make sure the conditions are right before you begin. And don’t forget to buy legendary animal pheromones, which provoke them and make them more likely to appear.

Where to find legendary elk?

Depending on the subspecies, we’ve heard of people finding them northeast of Tumbleweed, near Mercer station, north of Valentine and in some other places. Using the in-game map provided by Harriet is probably the safest bet.

Legendary Ozula Elk location

You can find the Legendary Ozula Elk in Cholla Springs, northeast of Tumbleweed in New Austin. We found it almost directly north from Mercer station. Using the pheromones after you see the popup will attract the animal, and using a blending agent will help you stay hidden from view while you approach it. When attacked, it’ll either try to run away or impale you with its antlers.

Legendary Inahme Elk location

This is another subspecies of legendary elk. It seems like it’s exclusive to naturalists – the description in the game says you need to talk to Harriet in order to find out more about it, so it’s probably part of a mission of hers. We’re going to keep playing the game and we’ll update the guide with any new info we discover, so stay tuned.

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