How to Get Gold in RDR2 Online

Gold in Red Dead Online, or Gold Bars, are one of the currencies in the game; the premium currency, to be exact. There are several ways to earn RDR2 Online gold bars and gold, but it’s very slow going. That being the case, people are naturally wondering what are the best and fastest ways to earn Red Dead Online Gold. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be exploring in our How to Get Gold in RDR2 Online guide.

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how to get gold in rdr2 online
How to Get Gold in RDR2 Online

How to Earn Gold in Red Dead Online – Best Ways to Get Gold Bars

The best way to earn gold bars in Red Dead Online is to complete daily challenges, at least one every day. Every day, at the same time, you’ll get a new set of seven challenges. Initially, the game rewards you for 0.2 Gold for each finished challenge, plus a little extra for completing all seven. If you do at least one challenge each day for a whole week, you’re going to start earning 0.3 Gold. Keep it up for 14 days, and it goes up to 0.4, and then 0.5 after 21 days. Keep it up for 28 days, and you’ll even earn a treasure map.

Speaking of Treasure Maps, those can also reward you with decent amounts of Gold. You can earn them in several different ways, including from the Outlaw Pass. Speaking of which, there’s another solid way to obtain gold – the new Outlaw Pass 3, if you fill it out completely, you can get up to 40 Gold Bars. Sure, you also have to pay 40 Gold Bars to buy it, so… swings and roundabouts.

There’s several other ways to earn Gold Bars in Red Dead Online, like completing bounties and other activities. Then, of course, there’s also the option to buy Gold Bars for real money. The prices range from 25 Gold Bars for $10 to 350 for $100. I, of course, discourage spending a single red cent on in-game currencies of any sort, but hey, it’s up to you to decide.

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