RDO Madam Nazar Naturalists Collection - Egret Egg, Bitterweed, Cherrywood Comb Locations

Madam Nazar is back at it this week in Red Dead Online. She’ll spawn around the map several times a day, waiting for you to deliver the goods. The goods, in this case, are three pieces that form the Naturalists collection – a cherrywood comb, an egret egg and some bitterweed. If you have trouble finding them – and you will, since they spawn in different places and are pretty inconspicuous – this guide will help you out by showing you Red Dead Online Madam Nazar Naturalists collection locations.

madam nazar naturalist collection locations red dead online
Egret Egg, Bitterweed, Cherrywood Comb Locations – Madam Nazar Naturalists Collection – RDO

Egret Egg locations – Red Dead Online

On October 9th, we found the egg in the marsh southwest of Saint Denis. It was sitting on a branch by itself, no nest or anything. We’re not sure whether egrets actually lay their eggs this way, or if the devs at Rockstar were to lazy to make them one. Anyway, in order to get to it, you’ll have to shoot it down. However, you mustn’t use bullets – use a bow and small game arrows, or else you risk breaking the egg.

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On October 10th, it was in the swamps of Bluewater Marsh, in the northeast of Lemoyne. Look for a narrow bay on the map. The egg will be in a nest on a tree on the north side of that bay.

On October 11th, the egret egg was in the middle of Lemoyne, on the east side of the Kamassa River. Follow the road west along the river as it snakes around the swamp, until you see a shack. Get off the path there, and look for a tree that glows when you use eagle eye.

Cherrywood Comb locations – RDR2 Online

On Wednesday, October 9th, we got a Cherrywood Comb from a place in the city of Saint Denis. It was the Shiffer Brewery, in the central part of town. When you go inside, head up the stairs and into the corridor on the right. Go through the first door on the right, and you’ll find the comb on a dresser by the window.

On October 10th, the comb was hidden in a farmhouse east of Valentine. Follow the tracks to the Heartland oil fields, then check the map for a small farmstead to the northeast. Once you get there, go into the house south of the water tower, and look for a chest in the farthest room.

The third location for the cherrywood comb, which we discovered on October 11th, was in Braithwaite Manor, in Rhodes, west of Saint Denis. As you enter through the front door, climb the stairs and head into the farthest room on the right. Open up the chest next to the bed and you’ll find it.

Bitterweed locations – RDO

We don’t know about the taste of Bitterweed itself – we presume it’s bitter – but looking for it certainly tastes that way. On October 9th, we found the orange flowers in the northeastern part of the map, in the West Grizzlies. If you follow the road north from the letter W in West Elizabeth, you’ll spot a broken bridge before the road turns eastward. The plant will be next to the bridge.

When October 10th came around, we found the plant south of Valentine. It was in front of a lone house on a hill across the Dakota river from Caliban’s Seat.

The last location for bitterweed, which was valid on October 11th, was north of the bayou. We found the plant next to a big rock on the east bank of the Kamassa River, southwest of the Van Horn trading post.

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