Red Dead Redemption 2 Mail Perfect Rabbit & Squirrel Carcass - Wildlife Art Exhibition

Mail perfect rabbit & squirrel carcass is a quest objective in Red Dead Redemption 2. The quest starts when you pick up a poster in the saloon in Valentine, with a request to send the two corpses to a certain Ms L Hobbs in Strawberry, for the Wildlife Art Exhitibition. Getting the perfect carcasses can be hard enough, since small game can be hard to find and even harder to kill, but there’s another problem. A lot of players are having issues with sending the carcasses, with the option to mail them at the post office being grayed out. We’re going to show you how to get around this in our Red Dead Redemption 2 mail perfect rabbit & squirrel carcass guide.

red dead redemption 2 mail perfect rabbit squirrel carcass wildlife art exhibition
RDR2 Mail Perfect Rabbit & Squirrel Carcass – Wildlife Art Exhibition

How to send carcasses for Wildlife Art Exhibition?

Some peopole have complained about not being able to send mail at all – it seems like this option is first unlocked during chapter 2, in a mission which requires sending mail. Make sure you’re past that point before you try completing this quest.

First of all, you need a perfect rabbit carcass and a perfect squirrel carcass. This means you’ll have to find both in pristine condition (three stars), then kill them without damaging them. This means hunting the rabbit with the Varmint Rifle, and the squirrel with the bow and poison arrows. If you have trouble finding them, we have guides for both rabbit locations and squirrel locations. Don’t skin them before picking them up.

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You’ll have to send them both at the same time, and you’ll have to do it fast – the carcasses tend to degrade over time, and you can’t sent damaged corpses. Also, make sure you pay off your bounty before beginning the hunt – sometimes having a wanted status will prevent you from using the post office. Once you’ve got them both, go to the nearest post office. Take the rabbit from horse carge (the squirrel will be in your satchel) and talk to the clerk. Press right on the Dpad to send mail, then select the Wildlife Art Exhitibiton from the inventory. Once you’ve sent them, the game will tell you you’ll get your reward by mail after 24 hours.

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  1. M

    I suspected i had to have both at the same time to send them but I really wasn’t sure.

  2. D
    Deborah Block

    Trick is NOT ti remove the Rabbit from the Horse. Walk into the Post Office. L2 the Post Master. The quest comes up and send the request. Confusion comes in with removal of the rabbit from the horse. Don’t.

    1. S
      some guy

      i don’t think this the problem people are having… the game tends to be very unclear with a lot of little things (like not explaining why some side quests disappear from the map occasionally- it’s because they are only available at certain times of the day- bad way of doing it, it should leave the icon and just say “mission not available from such and such time” etc… but this is all beside the point) and in this case it does not explain that both animals need to be mailed at the same time. Since the mission marker completion box thingy appears as soon as you kill one of the two needed many, like myself, went straight to the post office to mail the rabbit upon seeing the notification and since corpses that are too big to fit in your satchel rot. not having the squirrel yet, nothing happens when you try to mail it, but the game never says thats they have to be mailed together. honestly not really sure why they can’t be mailed separately. kinda dumb really

      1. J

        Point still remains: there’s no need to EVER remove carcasses from your horse. It’s counted as in your horse’s inventory and anything on/in it will be available to use wherever you are (selling, crafting, mailing).

        *On the original topic, it’s worth noting carcasses in your satchel will never degrade. So the best thing to do is collect the little ones first. Then any big carcasses required (rabbit, opossum), get them last and then go straight to the post office.

  3. J
    Jesse Wagner

    not the saloon either, it’s picked up at the post office

    1. J

      It can be picked up in multiple places, saloon or post office or probably others I didn’t find.

  4. B

    I’ve tried this. Had both animals, both perfect carcass, still won’t allow me to “send” anything. I have no bounty. I’m in chapter three now. Does this need to be completed while still in chapter two maybe?

    1. C

      You unlock mail at the beginning of chapter 3. Not 2.

      1. P

        mailing is a/v early in chap. 2. not sure when or why. used it e.g. for dinosaurs coordinates

        besides, skinned the rabbit plus had to leave the rabbit attached to the horse and was able to mail it anyway

    2. F

      Im having the same issue. I have both carcasses and no
      Bounty, still won’t let me semd them.
      WTF! It would be nice to be able to finish this side quest.

  5. K

    I just comleted the challenge yesterday. The key thing is the the rabbit must be fresh. I’m not sure when it falls off your horse/rots away but I’ve had it before to where I have have the carcass stowed on my horse and it is checked off the status box but by the time I got to the post office it was gone. Again this happend either because I took too long or died in the middle of bringing it. As others have noted save the rabbit for last because the squirrel will remain in satchel regardless if you die or take too long to deliver. Also to note I left the carcass on my horse while I sent the letter. I did not have to carry it to the window.

  6. C

    I just completed this side mission. I believe the part we were all missing is you have to leave your horse close to the scale station outside the post office. If your horse is too far away it won’t let you send the carcasses. And you don’t remove the rabbit from the horse.

  7. Y
    Yara van Eeuwijk

    Every time I try killing a squirrel with either a small game or a poison arrow (every site says something different) my squirrel goes from 3 stars to 1 stars. Any tips?

  8. M

    Robin’s are guaranteed to spawn in Aurora basin south of the fishing cabin at the fork before tanner’s ranch

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