Red Dead Redemption 2 Naval Compass Location for Pearson

Naval compass is one of the request items in Red Dead Redemption 2. Pearson will ask you to get it for him during a poker game in chapter 2, and he’ll reward you if you manage to find one. Unlike most of the request items, this one’s unique – there’s only one in the whole game. If you have trouble finding it, which you probably will, since it’s well hidden, keep reading our Red Dead Redemption 2 Naval Compass location guide.

Where to find naval compass for Pearson?

You can find the compass in southwestern Lemoyne, south of Rhodes. It will be hidden on the grounds of Braithwaite Manor, in a boathouse. It’s the northernmost estate building by the water, the one near the gazebo with the giant tree.

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Once you’re inside, you’ll see several workbenches. The compas will be on the corner of the yellow one, the one with the oar. Simply approach it and pick it up, nobody will bother you.Once you have it, return to camp and speak to Pearson to turn it over. He’ll be grateful, but not enough to give you a decent reward.

You probably won’t be happy with the outcome, but that’s the way these things work. The most important thing here is that you’re making your buddy happy. When your buddies are happy, they are more likely to contribute to the camp’s tithing box, which is essentially free money (at least for upgrades and restocking).

So swallow your pride and do as many of these as you can, including finding the pipe for Dutch, the comic books for Jack, and any other request that pops up. Most of the others will only ask for common items you can get from vendors, so they won’t be a too much of a problem.

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    Matt Dooley

    Found another one. If you recover Mary Linton’s brooch, check the back of the carriage owned by Ashton.

  2. And another found at the rear of a ranch North of Tumbleweed

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