Red Dead Redemption 2 Harmonica Location - Sadie Errand Boy Trophy

Harmonica for Sadie in RDR2 is an item that Sadie would like you to find for her. Finding the Sadie harmonica in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a bit of a chore, since it is out of your way, on a secluded ranch in The Heartlands. The place where the harmonica for Sadie is a tiny little place that’s easy to overlook. This being the case, here’s our Red Dead Redemption 2 Sadie Harmonica Location guide to show you exactly where to find it.

Where to find RDR2 Harmonica Location for Sadie?

To find the harmonica for Sadie in Red Dead Redemption 2, start at Flatneck Station, in the southwest of The Heartlands area. From, there, call your horse and ride to the east. After a little while, you’re going to come across a tiny little ranch. It’s a tiny little spot on the map, and you can easily decide to ignore it if you don’t know that there’s something important there. Go inside the small house. Look behind the door, and you’ll find some shelves there. The harmonica is on the third shelf from the top.

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Now, there’s one small problem here. Odds are that you’re going to run into the rancher inside or around the house. And, needless to say, he’s not going to be very happy about some stranger coming in and rifling through his stuff. Now, I suppose it’s possible to try and talk to the rancher and calm him down. However, that’s not the route we took. Instead, we just gunned the poor bastard down like it was nothing. To be fair, he did have a gun pointed at us, but that’s probably because we were intruding in his home. Either way, you’re gonna have to deal with him somehow. Try not to kill him now, though, because he can be important in a later side mission.

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  1. J

    You done messed up here. This is terrible advice. That guy you gunned down is one of the legendary gunsligers your charged with finding and getting a photo of!

    1. J

      Welp, tarnation.

    2. E

      I went to have a look for this, and the harmonica isn’t there.

    3. M

      Doesn’t matter if you kill him, he’ll keep respawning after a day or so of game time. I’ve killed him 3 times now lol.

  2. K

    My game is glitched out after I did this side quest. Gave Sadie a harmonica then her reward never showed up on my tent. The flower, photograph, and other stuff aren’t on my table anymore… what was even her reward?

    1. A

      Have you moved to Shady Belle because there items will be placed o the bed itself.

  3. J

    Have found the harmonica, but Sadie has disappeared from camp..

  4. S

    I just hog tied him then let him go after grabbing the harmonica haha, I’ll go back when he’s not mad to do the other mission haha

  5. J
    Jesse Saka

    I can’t find Sadie or the kid after i get their items .. Im at the camp by Rhoads in chap 3. What am I doing wrong?

  6. B

    I approached the ranch on foot real sneaky-like and found a good hiding spot behind the chicken coup. THe Rancher goes to take hay out to his cow or something. That’s when i made my move. I hauled ass into his house, grabbed the can of beans and the harmonica from behind the door and ran right back out the same way i had come in. I exploded through the doorway and ran as fast as Arthur could run, straight down the path toward the road, where my horse was patiently waiting. I didn’t want to kill the rancher since he’s gonna “be important in a later side mission” so I was fully expecting the man to see me and open fire upon my hasty exit, a reaction i was planning to simply run away from. somehow I managed to elude the rancher. After reaching a safe distance, I busted out my binoculars and observed the rancher, going about his business as if i’d never been there. I don’t know if this would work every time and I’m fairly certain I couldn’t pull it off again but its worth a try if you’re interested in not killing the dude. Fun stuff!

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