RDR2 Online New Outfits & Clothing Items in Moonshiners Update & Outlaw Pass 2

The Moonshiners update hit Red Dead Online at the same time as the Outlaw Pass No.2. They’ve both enriched the game with various new features, items and things to do. One of the most important additions are the new clothes. There are around a dozen new clothing items at tailors’ shops around the map, and several complete outfits you can unlock through the club rewards. This guide is going to show you a list of new outfits in RDR2 Online Moonshiners update, what they look like and how to get them.

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Moonshiners role outfits

As with other roles, there are four outfits you can get as a Moonshiner. You’ll have to take on the role and level up it to match the requirements before you can get them. There’s the Gatlinburg, which you can get using one token as a Novice. When you reach rank 5, there’s a Promising one called the Dagenheart. At rank 10, when you’ve become Established, you’ll be able to get the Pittsburg. Finally, at rank 15, any Distinguished moonshiner will be allowed to wear the Wilkesboro.

Moonshiners new clothing items

There’s also a bunch of new clothing items that are available to all, regardless of profession. All of them can be bought from tailors, and they’re pretty pricey. The list includes the Guerra and Torras long ponchos, the Buckley, Starret, Lister and Menasco hats, Rulfo and Treadway boots, Isbell and Chambliss corsets, Martindale pants, Brindille and Salter shoes, Cockrell and Gordillo half chaps, Hollyfield bloomers, Mackbay jacket and Stringham shirt.

Outlaw Pass 2 outfits & clothing items

The other part of the update is the release of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co Club and the Outlaw Pass No. 2. The first is the free season pass, while the second is the paid one. There are a bunch of outfits and clothing items scattered through both of them, and you’ll have to progress through the ranks in order to unlock them. At rank 1 of the paid pass, you’ll get the Clelland outfit. At rank 100, you’ll get the Harraway (Arthur’s outfit). Those are the only two outfits – there are two more that come as sets of clothing items. The Rexroad (boots at rank 2 free, pants at rank 10 paid, shirt & vest at rank 25 paid, bandana at rank 35 paid, coat at rank 45 paid) and the Pittman (shirt at rank 52 free, hat at rank 55 paid, pants at rank 61 paid, neckerchief at rank 68 paid, boots at rank 77 paid, hat at rank 89 paid, coat at rank 93 paid). The rest is just standalone clothing items: Rafferty Eyepatch (rank 2 paid), Harshaw gauntlets (rank 48 paid), Tiger’s Eye Buckle (rank 50 paid), Citrine Buckle (rank 75 paid), Belcourt Tinted Spectacles (rank 80 paid), Rebellion Poncho (rank 96 paid) and Ruby Buckle (rank 100 paid).

Can outfits be broken down into parts?

The new outfits are bound to be popular, and a lot of people are wondering whether you can break down an outfit into clothing items, then mix and match with other clothes. Sadly, the answer is no. You have to choose between wearing a particular outfit and customizing your look in greater detail using clothing items.

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