Red Dead Online Beta Update Includes Repeater Rifle, New Event

The new update for the Red Dead Online beta has dropped, and there’s some fun new content for you to check out now. For one, there’s a new weapon, the truly mighty Evans Repeater rifle. There’s also a new Free Roam event, Fool’s Gold, which sounds like a lot of fun. Plus, every participant in the beta is getting a care package, chock-full of useful items, like ammo, arrows, horse medicine, etc.

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Red Dead Online Beta Update Includes Repeater Rifle New Event
Red Dead Online Beta Update Includes Repeater Rifle, New Event

So, first off, the new repeater rifle, called Evans Repeater. If you’ve played the first Red Dead Redemption, you might be familiar with this one. According to the announcement post, the rifle has a high bullet capacity and rate of fire, and is extremely deadly at long and medium range. You can also further customize it with wraps, sights, and stocks. The rifle is available at any Gunsmith, or via the Wheeler, Rawson & Co catalog.

Next, we have Fool’s Gold, a brand-new Free Roam event added to the rotation. The idea behind it should be familiar to those that have played Mario Kart 8. You fight other people to wear the golden armor and thereby earn points. You also raise your score by shooting a rival wearing the armor. When you down them, the armor will fall, and the race is on to reach it to put it on. you can play the mode either solo, or as a skirmish between posses.

Last, but not least by a long stretch, is the special care package. Every participant of the beta is going to get one, as a show of appreciation. You can redeem it at either a camp lockbox or any post office across the five states. Inside the package, you’ll find 60 High Velocity Pistol Ammo, 60 High Velocity Repeater Ammo, 2 Fire Bottles, 8 Fire Arrows, 2 Jolly Jack’s, 2 Potent Horse Medicine, and 1 Lake Lure.

Oh, and there’s a special prize for anyone that completes five daily challenges from now until March 11th. If you do, you’ll earn a Special Spinner next week; it’s a lure that can’t be lost even if you cut the line.

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