RDR2 Online Gang Hideout Locations Map & Spawn Times - Hideouts Cleared Daily Challenge

Gang hideout locations in Red Dead Online are places where you can find gangs camping out, and you can clear them out in order to complete certain RDR2 Online daily challenges. Now, Red Dead Redemption 2 gang hideouts are dotted all across the map; however, not all of them are available at all times. With that in mind, here’s our RDR2 Online Gang Hideout Locations Map & Spawn Times – Hideouts Cleared Daily Challenge guide, in which we’ll show you where to find gang hideouts in Red Dead Online, as well as the times some of them spawn at.

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RDR2 Online Gang Hideout Locations Map & Spawn Times Hideouts Cleared Daily Challenge
RDR2 Online Gang Hideout Locations Map & Spawn Times – Hideouts Cleared Daily Challenge

Where to Find Gang Hideout Locations in Red Dead Online?

To find gang hideout locations in Red Dead Online, you can look pretty much all over the map. In fact, if you check out the map below, you can see where all the different gang hideouts are. Now, not all of them will be present at all times, which we kinda indicate on the map, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Anyway, the gang hideouts are thickest on the ground in New Austin, where there are around ten of them. Meanwhile, New Hanover seems to be almost completely bereft of gang hideouts.

rdr2 online gang hideout locations map
RDR2 Online gang hideout locations (click or tap to enlarge)

Now, to spot a gang hideout, you’re gonna have to come fairly close. As soon as you notice some tents or other signs of a camp or whatever on the horizon, be ready to tussle. And keep a very close eye on your minimap in the corner. If it starts filling up with red dots as you approach a camp, bingo, you’re in a gang hideout!

Gang Hideout Spawn Times in RDR2 Online – When Do They Appear?

Some of the RDR2 online gang hangouts have specific spawn times. You can only find them in these windows of time. It makes the whole thing feel a little more dynamic. So, here are some of the times at which certain gang hangouts become available.

  • New Austin
    • Fort Mercer – 01:00
    • Twin Rocks – 12:00
    • Cholla Springs – 23:00
  • West Elizabeth
    • Quaker’s Cove – 02:00 / 04:00 / 09:00
  • Lemoyne
    • Lakay – 21:00 / 22:00 / 01:00 / 03:00 / 04:00 / 09:00
    • Shady Belle – 17:00 / 22:00 / 23:00
    • West Bayou – 10:00
  • Van Horn
    • Kamassa River – 14:00 / 18:00 / 19:00
    • Mossy Flats – 10:00 / 11:00
  • Ambarino
    • Six Point Cabin – 22:00 / 02:00
    • Bacchus Station – 00:00 / 10:00
    • Willard’s Rest – 04:00
    • Firewood Rise – 12:00
    • Cumberland Falls – 13:00 / 14:00
    • Colter – 16:00 / 21:00
    • Hanging Dog Ranch – 21:00 / 03:00 / 05:00

If you know whether or not any of the other camps show up at certain times and when they appear, let us know in the comments. We owe a huge thank-you to joel15cat from GTAForums for the information they compiled.

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