Red Dead Redemption 2 Percolator Location - How to Brew Coffee

Coffee percolator is one of the camping items you can get in Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s used to brew coffee when camping out in the wild. You won’t have it by default, so when you’ve stolen some ground coffee, you’ll probably begin to wonder how to obtain one of them percolators. This guide is going to show you how to get Red Dead Redemption 2 percolator, so you can start brewing your own coffee in order to make mornings in the frontier more manageable.

red dead redemption 2 percolator location how to brew coffee
Red Dead Redemption 2 Percolator Location – How to Brew Coffee

Where to find percolator in RDR2?

Somewhat underwhelmingly, you can buy the percolator from the general goods store. Walk up to the counter and ask to look at the catalogue. It should be under hunting and fishing – just keep turning the pages until you see the picture of a pot called Coffee Percolator. It’s going to cost you a mere $7.50. Once you have it, the option to brew your favorite potion will not be greyed out in the camping menu anymore.

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However, you will need ground coffee for each cup you want to brew. You can buy this one at the general store as well, but you can also steal it from a million places. You are a bandit, after all. Aside from letting you roleplay a grumpy cowboy that can’t think until he’s had his first cup of joe that day, coffee also replenishes your dead eye and stamina, so it actually is kind of like a potion.

Obviously, there are other drinks and beverages which have the same effect (even tobacco helps), so it’s mostly just for role play. It’s not like it’s expensive or hard to obtain, so it won’t inconvenience you that much, even if you don’t enjoy coffee all that much in real life.

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  1. N
    Not anymore

    It is completely missing in 2019. No longer at your camp and no longer an option to buy at the general store. It is just gone.

    1. C
      Check Valentine

      There’s one in the Valentine general store. Just go through the catalogue

  2. B

    Sorry not in catalogue. (Valentine general store)

  3. A
    Asim Siddiqui

    Not in the Valentine general store. Can’t find it anywhere. Is this a bug? Did a recent update accidently remove it? How do I get the coffee percolator?

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