Red Dead Redemption 2 Squirrel Locations Map

You would think that finding squirrels in Red Dead Redemption 2 would be easy since they are among the most common animals in the game. RDR2 squirrel locations don’t help you much even if you have a map of them. These little critters are hard to see, fast and bolt as soon as they sense danger. In this guide we’ll give you the map of squirrels and even share the best location for easy farming. Still, it will be up to you to hunt them down properly and get perfect squirrel pelts. Or you can just use our guide that helps you do exactly that.

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Where to find Squirrels in Red Dead 2?

Squirrels can be found in woodlands of New Hanover and parts of West Elizabeth. Even the in-game compendium says so. What you need to do is go find a forest or at least some tree covered land. You can find these in eastern part of West Elizabeth. You can also go to the far east of New Hanover where squirrels dominate the woods. The trick in finding them is just running about near the edge of the woods and you should scare them into the open. Use your Eagle Eye to see if there are any nearby tracks you can follow. Your goal should be to get perfect squirrel pelts. This means you need to track down three star, pristine squirrels. You must kill them with your bow equipped with small game arrows. You can craft these in your camp or through your weapon wheel with some feathers, shotgun shells and regular arrows.

red dead redemption 2 squirrel location map

The area closest to the beginning of the game and your camp near Valentine is the bend of the Dakota river in West Elizabeth. Refer to the screenshot of the map bellow for the exact location. I found squirrels there both by the river bank and near the road as well as in the woodland area on the plateau above. I also recommend you read our detailed guide on Perfect Squirrel Pelt & Carcass Locations, because we go even more in-depth with some game mechanics there. Good hunting Outlaws.

red dead redemption pristine squirrel locations map

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    Best information I have found on bloody squirrels yet thank you so much

  2. G

    Thanks. Unfortunately this page was listed 2nd on Google, below the Rankedboost webpage’s method, where they state the Varmint Rifle is ‘best’ to kill them! So, basically I wasted an entire evening, and countless poor squirrels, only acquiring good pelts, at best!
    On the furthest north trail, NW of Annesburg, and east of the lookout tower, there’s a tree marked on the map – right beside that there’s a small meteor crater(?) in which I found 2 squirrels running across. They yielded 2 ‘good’ skins with my Varmint Rifle, so I assume they’d have been perfect with a small arrow kill.

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      Well I don’t know but just 3 hours ago I killed a black squirrel with my varmint riffle and it said it was a perfect squirrel carcass. Lucky me

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    I don’t think squirrels exist in my game cause I can’t find them anywhere

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    The fastest, most foolproof method I’ve found for catching perfect squirrels is to use the herbivore bait along the inner bend of the Dakota river south of Downes ranch. Equip the varmint rifle without the scope and sit back at least 50 feet. Several (I’ve seen as many as four) squirrels will appear. Use the dead eye to target all of them and then push “antagonize”. Arthur will scream “where’s my money you floozy rats?” They’ll all raise their little paws in the air and say “We needs more time Mr. Morgan, sir”. At that point, take a dose of the ginseng and bat urine tonic. Arthur will start to sing “breathin” by Ariana Grande which puts the squirrels into a trance. Now simply collect the hypnotized squirrels and craft them into a fabulous boa to wear around your neck at the Valentine saloon. It’s that easy.

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