Red Dead Redemption 2 Treasure Map Locations

Treasure maps are special items in Red Dead Redemption 2. They’re drawings that show the location of a hidden treasure, if you’re able to decypher the clues they offer. The drawing will usually include landmarks like mountains, rivers or other memorable scenery. When you’ve conquered the puzzle, you’ll get a reward – some money, a unique piece of gear, or something equally valuable. Since they’re pretty tough to crack, we’ve decided to write this Red Dead Redemption 2 treasure map locations guide, to show you how to get the maps, and how to solve them.

red dead redemption 2 treasure map locations
Red Dead Redemption 2 Treasure Map Locations

RDR2 Treasure Hunter

Here’s a list of all the treasure maps we’ve found and solved. Clicking the links will lead you to detailed guides with screenshots.

Jack Hall Gang Map
Chick’s Treasure Map

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We’re going to keep updating it as we go along, so make sure to check back if you get stuck.

How to get treasure maps?

Since the game isn’t out yet, we still don’t know for certain how we’ll go about getting these treasure maps. In the previous game, you only needed to find the first by bumping into a treasure hunter. He got in trouble with some unsavoury types, and you could either help him and be rewarded with the map, or let him die and loot it off his corpse. After that, you’d find a new map each time you discovered the treasure the previous one pointed to.

This time it might be different – you might have to look for each map separately. This means there could be dozens of prospectors looking to unload unwanted maps on you in exchange for help. Or there might be traders selling worthless scraps of paper to gullible, blue-shirted cowboys. It would take a lot more time, and time wasted equals content these days, so don’t be surprised if you have to hunt them down one by one.

How to solve treasure maps in RDR2?

Once you’ve got the map, the procedure is pretty much the same. It might be a hand drawn map with an X marking the spot. It might be an illustration of a peculiar house near where the treasure is burried, or a oddly-shaped rock. It might even be a few sentences of text describing the place you’re supposed to go. Either way, it’s going to be cryptic. It’s going to give you several layers of hints without outright telling you where to go, and you’ll have to interpret the tips correctly to find the right location.

Once you’re there, a bit of shovel work will unite you with your prize. The reward is actually not just the item you got, or the money you dug up – it’s also the thrill of the hunt, the satisfaction of solving a puzzle, and the progress towards the inevitable achievement that pops up when you’ve collected all the treasures.

Since little is known about RDR Online, we have no idea if the multiplayer will have any challenges similar to this. We do know the point of interest map that was part of the preorder deal (the one that shows you where to find valuable stuff by placing map markers before you’ve explored the locations) was strictly single player. This part of the game will most probably stay out of the multiplayer portion, to let players focus on carnage and lawlessness.

Of course, we understand not everyone enjoys this kind of challenge – most people will come to Red Dead Redemption 2 looking to shoot some bad men, steal some cattle and jump onto moving trains. Not to squint at brown paper filled with drawings and cursive writing. And there’s no guarantee these puzzles will be well designed – after all, it’s not Rockstar’s forte. That’s why we’re going to write about them all in detail, offering step by step instructions for each and every treasure map we encounter.

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