Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Map & Clue Locations

Serial killer map fragments and clues in RDR 2 are a side quest you can find in the game. The Red Dead Redemption 2 serial killer quest will have you searching for different map pieces, found near horribly dismembered corpses. The clues are not marked on the map, and they’re not all of them are close to each other. It can be pretty difficult to find all the locations. For that reason, our Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Map & Clue Locations guide is gonna show you where to find them all, as well as how to solve the final map puzzle.

Where to Find First RDR 2 Serial Killer Clue & Map?

To find the first serial killer clue and piece of the map, you’ll have to go west of Valentine, across the river. Go to Wallace Station and go southwest. The exact location is south Creek River and east of the railroad. The thing you’re looking for is a large rock, with the words “Do you see” written on it. Oh, and a human torso strapped to it, with no head or bottom half, and viscera hanging out. It’s an incredibly gruesome site, but you’ll have to explore a bit to find the first part of the map.

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Second Serial Killer Map Location in Red Dead Redemption 2

The second serial killer clue and map piece is going to be the farthest out of your way. All the others are kinda grouped together, but this one is almost on the other side of the map. You have to go east of Braithwaite Manor and southwest of Bolger Glade. It’s smack dab where the S is in the word Meadows on the map. There’s a huge tree there, with enormous branches all the way to the ground. All the message from the serial killer says is “”Behold.” There’s, of course, even more gore to find. You’ll even be treated to a head with the eyes gouged out. That’s where you’ll find the second serial killer map fragment.

RDR 2 Final Serial Killer Clue Location – How to Get

The third and final piece of the map is southeast of Valentine. It’s between Citadel Rock and Pastor’s Ridge. There’s a small ledge near the train tracks; under the bridge, to be exact. You can imagine that yet another scene of horrifying slaughter. Plus, there will also be another message from the psychopath you’re trailing behind. This one says “Look on my works.” Explore the area to find the last piece of the map puzzle.

Where to Find Serial Killer Map Solution Location in RDR 2?

The full map shows you that you’re supposed to walk across a small bridge. At the location, you’ll find a ruined house with a cellar. You’ll also get a safe combination. Not too much to by, so let’s see where this is exactly. The location is to the southwest of Valentine, northeast of Downes Ranch, west of Pastor’s Reach. And, indeed, you’ll find a destroyed house with an untouched cellar. Go ahead and explore around. It’s not spooky at all. See what you can find.

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